spaceExploration1The race to commercialize space is on and many Washington State companies are finding their niche in the marketplace.  Spaceflight Industries, based in Tukwila, Washington, will be launching their own constellation of satellites that will send back high resolution images of earth for industrial and surveillance markets.  Read more in Puget Sound Business Journal.

Companies like Blue Origin, SpaceX, Rocketdyne, Vulcan Aerospace, Tethers Unlimited, Planetary Resources and Spaceflight are utilizing the engineering talent in Washington State to develop new technologies and harness the possibilities in space.

With a century of aerospace know-how, Washington State companies and educational institutions are meeting the challenges of space exploration. For example, the University of Washington aeronautics and astronautics researchers are developing advanced autonomous vehicles and systems, new aerodynamic techniques and unconventional space propulsion concepts. Manufacturing companies are creating new materials and advanced processes for building satellites that can withstand the extremes of the space environment.

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