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The brewing capital of the U.S.

A bartender pours a beer from the tap in a breweryWashington State is known worldwide for its premium wines and more than 800 wineries. But now, Washington can lay claim to being the home of the U.S. Brewing Capital.

That’s according to Datafininiti, which crunched the numbers to created the new ranking. According to their study, Seattle has the most breweries in the U.S., stomping on Chicago at #2, which has 16 fewer breweries but twice the population.

That works out to 4.6 breweries per 100,000 people. Not bad, but Boulder, Colorado beats the city handily with 13.6.

Washington doesn’t come out too badly in the state-by-state comparison either. When it comes to Top States for Breweries, Washington ranks #3 overall with 337 breweries, just behind Colorado (248) and California (687). But it is tops in hops. Seventy percent of all hops grow in the U.S. are grown in Washington State.

Check out the rankings and learn more about why Washington State, and Seattle in particular, is such a great state to open a brewery (or distillery, or winery).

Filson’s makes camp in Seattle’s SODO.

filson-flagship1For 118 years now, Filson has been a manufacturer of legendary gear for those who love the great outdoors. From loggers and miners to urban dwellers who yearn for rugged yet stylish fashion and accessories, Filson has definitely stood the test of time in a very fickle retail category.

And, in an age where everything is made overseas, the company has bucked the trend and has continued to manufacture its products in Seattle’s rapidly growing SODO district. Now that its new flagship store has opened, customers can not only shop until they drop, but also watch Filson products being made right there, thanks to the expansive glass that opens up into the factory.

Filson is definitely one of Washington’s Business Legends and we are proud that they have chosen to not only remain here, but to expand with their new store, corporate headquarters and factory at 1741 1st Avenue South in Seattle’s SODO district.

Find out more about Filson’s new store.

A local legend reinvents retail.

filsonlabelwebYou don’t become a Business Legend in Washington State without thinking big. Such is the case with Filson, which is blending retail and manufacturing into an innovative flagship store that will connect customers with the product in new and exciting ways.

The new store, which will open this fall at 1741 First Ave. S. in the heart of Seattle’s Sodo District, will feature a 6,000 square-foot shop above the manufacturing space so customers can shop and learn more about how Filson products are made the traditional way where quality and workmanship are king.

Manufacturing stateside is alive and at Filson,too. The company is expanding its production line from eight to 14, shooting for 16 by year’s end.

Read more about the new store in the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Incubator to build Northwest fashion industry.

fashion-industry1Washington State is dotted with an abundance of technology incubators that give a visionary software developer the supporting infrastructure they need to become successful. Now that same concept is being developed to take locally grown fashion designers and help them build viable businesses around fashion and clothing manufacture right here at home. Seattle Fashion Incubator (SFI) will be providing top notch advisors from leading apparel design and retail companies along with connections to raw material resources exclusively available to big apparel companies. SFI also plans to hire and train veterans to be sewing machine operators, a much needed skill industry-wide, to help the designers’ ideas become reality.

Washington State’s fashion history includes the business legends of Filson, Eddie Bauer, Brittania, Tommy Bahama and custom designer Luly Wang. Excluding retail, the sector encompassing apparel design, manufacturing, wholesale and corporate headquarters generates more than 17,000 jobs and contributes $6.7 billion in revenues to Washington’s economy.

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Made in Washington.

Boeing 787Boeing airplanes have become synonymous with Seattle and for good reason. From the design of the first Boeing jets in the 1950s to production of the 737 — the best selling airplane of all time — and today’s revolutionary composite commercial airliners, Washington State’s aerospace workers have been at the heart of Boeing’s success.

Production of aircraft in 2014 broke all records for Boeing and 690 of the 723 planes (95.4%) produced rolled off of production lines in Everett and Renton.

Washington has more than 132,500 aerospace workers statewide, many from second and third generation aerospace families. The state boasts the highest concentration of skilled aerospace workers in the U.S. Our highly trained and experienced workforce along with over 1,350 aerospace supply chain companies makes Washington State the epicenter of aerospace design and production.

Read more in the Puget Sound Business Journal.

125 years of serving the community.

courtesy of Bartell Drug and
photo credit Bartell Drug and

George Bartell opened his pharmacy in 1890 and today Seattle-based  Bartell Drugs is the largest family-owned drug store chain in the country. With 62 locations, Bartell’s has always had a community focus.

To celebrate their 125th anniversary, they have partnered with local companies to offer special commemorative items made exclusively for the Bartell brand such as: a Monoply-style game featuring Seattle’s history, a custom label beer from Fremont Brewery, private label wines, candy and a Seahawks Nutcracker. Bartell’s will also be expanding their partnership with Group Health to provide more in-store CareClinics around the region. There will be anniversary celebrations and events throughout the year.

Bartell Drugs is just one of the many business legends that has grown out of Washington State’s pioneering spirit and culture of entrepreneurship.

Read more in the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Vancouver fitness equipment maker ranks #4.

nautilus-biggerAnnually, The Seattle Times takes a look at publicly traded Northwest companies and ranks them according to five criteria: their return on invested capital, free cash-flow yield, stock-price appreciation, revenue growth and dividend yield. Nautilus, Inc, fitness equipment maker based in Vancouver, Washington, ranked #4 in The Times’ Best of the Northwest.

Struggling during the Great Recession, Nautilus’ stock dropped to a low of 45 cents, but by investing in new products and focusing on retail and direct to consumer sales they have made a strong recovery. They design and manufacture a diverse brand of strength and cardio products including the BowFlex and Nautilus.

Nautilus also practices what it ‘sells’. Their employee wellness program and company sponsored fitness events have made Nautilus one of the American Heart Association’s top “Fit-Friendly” companies in the US and recognized them for “Fit-Friendly” Worksite Innovation. And they were awarded the “Healthiest Employer” by The Portland Business Journal in 2013.

Washington State’s natural beauty and diverse outdoor recreational activities fuels our spirit of healthy living. Quality of life is one of our most appealing advantages for work and play.

Read more about Nautilus in The Seattle Times.

Traditional manufacturing alive and thriving.

Molten hot steel pouringFor over 100 years steam plumes have been rising and hot metal extruded into huge rolls in the steel mill at the base of the West Seattle Bridge. To stay in the steel manufacturing game in today’s global marketplace, Seattle’s steel mill has become a master of recyling scrap metal and one of the most efficient steel producers in the world. Nucor, the owner since 2002, has reinvested in their workers and equipment to stay nimble and responsive to the market. The Seattle mill uses far less power than their competitors and even the slag and dust created by the milling process is collected and sold.

Manufacturing in Washington State produce $154 billion in gross revenues a year and the sector employs nearly 300,000 workers.

Read more about Seattle’s steel mill in The Seattle Times.

The soundtrack of Choose Washington.

Lively_logo_RGB1Washington State is not just the birthplace of business legends in aerospace, online shopping and great coffee. We build music legends too. A local startup, Lively, brings audio and video of live concerts right to your phone. The Choose Washington booth at the Aerospace and Defense Suppliers Summit is featuring the music of Washington’s up and coming artists and you can download the free app courtesy of Washington State and Lively.

Go to  If you don’t have an account just sign up.

STEP 1 go to menu
STEP 2 click redeem
STEP 3 enter code: commerce14
STEP 4 enjoy!


Alaska Airlines features local specialty foods.

preceptwineAlaska Airlines has been flying out of Seattle since the mid 1950s and has long been a promoter of Washington State food products to serve their customers. Passengers can savor locally made specialty foods including Beecher’s Cheese, Oberto’s Beef Jerky, Starbucks coffee, Seattle Chocolates, Tim’s Cascade Chips, Alaskan Amber Ale and spirits from Sun Liquor Distillery.

The latest addition to their local food menu is a Walla Walla wine custom blended specifically to be enjoyed at high altitudes. Read more about Precept Wine’s Canoe Exploration in The Puget Sound Business Journal.

The exceptional quality and distinct flavors of artisan food and drink that come from Washington State are becoming well-known around the world.