dataserversEver increasing server capacity is an ongoing need for our ever expanding digital economy. Yahoo’s data center in Quincy, Washington has announced plans to double its server capacity by adding an additional 300,000 square feet and expanding its workforce. Central Washington has been the preferred region for IT centers because of the abundance of high-caliber local talent, low cost renewable power and a business friendly climate. Read more about Yahoo’s expansion in Quincy at and and the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Washington State has pioneered cloud computing technology and continues to be the hub for emerging trends in the internet of things, gaming, streaming media and big data. Major players such as Yahoo, Dell and Amazon Web Services have built the infrastructure that supports ever growing demand for cloud capacity. This also allows smaller tech companies access to massive computing capacity. They can enter the market using only the services they need and expand rapidly as demand increases.

Washington’s highly skilled workforce and cloud capacity have drawn all the major tech companies to set up satellite offices in Washington.

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