cloud-wiresOur digital universe and the data it creates is expanding exponentially. The cloud was created as a solution to data storage on our overloaded hard drives. But the downside of acres and acres of server farms to store all that data is the amount of energy it requires to operate and keep those servers cool. While Washington State has remarkably low energy costs (4.25¢ per kWh) the amount of energy consumed is still enormous.

Collaboration between cloud companies such as Microsoft and top-tier research institution, the University of Washington, is creating a totally new solution to data storage that would reduce the need for more and more servers. Transforming image data into a DNA sequence and then rebuilding the image seems like stuff of science fiction. But you can read about experiments with the process in The Puget Sound Business Journal.

Washington State is the center for cloud computing and tech giants such as Microsoft and Amazon Web Services are also pioneering alternative energy sources and ways of making data storage more efficient and environmentally sustainable. Read our earlier post highlighting cloud computing and energy saving efforts.

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