Mike Siegel, Seattle Times

Mike Siegel, Seattle Times

Washington State has been pioneering commercial aircraft design and manufacture for over a century. The next generation aircraft are using state of the art composite materials and advanced methods of manufacturing. Mukilteo-based Electroimpact has been at the forefront of developing robotic machinery that fabricates composite wing skins for the Boeing 777X in single pieces with speed and precision.  Read more in The Seattle Times.

Washington State’s pioneering spirit and culture of innovation have successfully brought many new products and processes into the marketplace. Check out our interactive timeline of innovation.

Ranked as #1 Most Innovative State in the  US by Bloomberg in 2013, Washington is also ranked #1 in Innovation Capacity by the International Technology & Innovation Foundation’s 2014 State New Economy Index. The state is also home to top-tier research institutions including the Pacific Northwest National Lab.

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