Community Economic Revitalization Board

Let's face it. Infrastructure is an essential ingredient for creating economic growth and vitality. To expand and grow, businesses need roads, ports, water, power and connectivity. To provide needed infrastructure for businesses that want to build a presence in Washington State or continue to expand their operations here, CERB offers municipalities grants and loans.

These funds are used for a variety of projects that create jobs, including domestic and industrial water projects, storm and sewer water projects, telecommunications and port facilities. Ports, counties, cities, towns, special purpose districts and federally recognized tribes are all eligible for the monies made available through the CERB board, which oversees the program.

Through their efforts more than 34,000 jobs have been created by businesses large and small throughout the state, and many important infrastructure projects have either been completed, approved or are underway to ensure that our businesses and economy remain strong and poised for growth.

Want more information about CERB? Visit their page on the Department of Commerce website.

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