software-programmingWashington State has a wealth of software engineers that expanding businesses need. The list of major companies opening satellite offices in the Puget Sound region this past year continues to grow. The latest is Sonos, a wireless speaker company headquartered in California. Over the past few years, Apple, Google, HP, Uber, Alibaba, Facebook, Best Buy, Twitter and HBO are just a few of the companies that have come to the source for top-tier software engineering talent and expertise. Read more in The Puget Sound Business Journal.

An update on the opening of a SpaceX satellite office in Redmond, Washington can also be found in The Puget Sound Business Journal.

The business legends of Microsoft, Amazon and T-Mobile along with Washington’s spirit of entrepreneurship and culture of collaboration has fueled the growth of the region’s unique technology eco-system. Add in the exceptional quality of life in Washington State and it makes sense that forward thinking companies would want a chance to tap into this dynamic tech community. If your company would benefit from being part of this culture of creativity contact the business experts at Washington State Department of Commerce.