International Aerospace innovation forum 2022

September 6-8, 2022

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Aerospace Innovation Directory

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Washington State Delegates

Chinook Enterprises

Chinook Enterprises was founded in 1980, in Mount Vernon, Washington, as a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit organization to assist job seekers with disabilities. Their mission is to support full participation in community life for people with disabilities or other barriers.

Chinook is also an aerospace manufacturer of sheet-metal/ machining details and assemblies, as well as wire harness & cable assemblies.

Our main customer is Boeing, and we are also a part of an elite group of suppliers, called “The Premier Bidder” program.

Sean Dwyer, Business Development Officer
Phone: 425-877-0100

Keltia Design Inc.

Keltia Design Inc is a privately held corporation in WA State. Keltia provides both on-site and remote Aerospace CAD Design & Training Support Services along with industry-experienced recruiting services. Keltia was founded by Kevin Burtchaell in 2000 after working with industry leaders like Boeing, Bombardier, Goodrich, Messier-Dowty, and Allied Signal (now Honeywell) in the US, Canada, and Europe. This experience has not only given Keltia a comprehensive understanding of key systems and disciplines of aerospace engineering but also unique credibility with candidates and clients alike.

Kevin Burtchaell, President/CEO
Phone: 206-734-4658

Eric Kiumjian, Engineer Manager
Phone: 206-225-0199

Off Planet Research

The overall objective of Off Planet Research is to create unique and sought-after simulants for extra-terrestrial environments for testing space technology and conducting research and development. We offer resources which dramatically increase mission assurance, cost-effectiveness, and speed of development of safe and effective space-based technologies. We strive to enable a meaningful, enduring human presence beyond Earth orbit by helping organizations learn how to live and work on the Moon and other worlds safely and productively.

Pathfinder Manufacturing

Pathfinder Manufacturing (previously known as Work Force Development Center) is a leader in precision machining, fabrication, and assembly of high-quality parts and equipment for a range of industries, including aerospace, space, and defense.
Pathfinder Manufacturing specializes in CNC machining, mechanical assembly (drilling, deburr, and final assembly), and electrical assembly (cable and wire harness assembly, kitting, soldering, laser wire stripping). We inspect 100% of all parts we ship out.
Pathfinder Manufacturing is a Tier 1 supplier for Boeing. As a member of the elite Premier Bidder supplier for Boeing, Pathfinder Manufacturing has an excellent track record of quality workmanship and on-time delivery.

Andrew Vuong, Director of Business Development 
Phone: +1-206-859-7985

TLG Aerospace

TLG Aerospace excels in providing aircraft and aerospace innovators, developers, and modifiers the engineering experience and skills to bring their concepts to reality, providing critical engineering analysis and testing to form a solid foundation for our customer’s products. Our in-house multidisciplinary engineering team includes Aerodynamic Design and CFD Analysis; Performance, Stability & Control and Handling Qualities; Aircraft Loads, Flutter and Vibration; Structural Design and Analysis; Ground and Flight Testing; FAA / EASA / CAAC Certification.

TLG has the expertise with five FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DER’s) and an experienced leadership staff with over 160 years of collective experience to provide critical engineering analysis from aerodynamic concept development through certification.

Steve Nelson, Director, Program Management
Phone: +1 206-229-4937

Scott Dickson, Director, Administration & Finance
Phone: +1 206 321-4538

An export expert is always nearby.

Exports drive much of the state’s economy. It’s estimated that nearly a third of the state’s economic growth can be attributed directly to exports and almost half of the new jobs created in the state are export related. Leading this growth in exports is the Department of Commerce, which works closely with businesses who are exporting now or want to export in the future.

Apply for an export voucher and reduce your export-related expenses

The Washington State Department of Commerce’s Export Voucher Program provides direct cash assistance to qualifying small businesses to help them expand their international sales.

The State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) is funded through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration.