newSafeBoatWith an increasing emphasis on protecting our nation from intruders by land, by air and by sea, a boatbuilder in Bremerton, Washington has the coastlines covered. SAFE Boats is building the next generation of high-performance watercraft targeted for law enforcement. Their new Coastal Interceptor Vessel will go into service helping border patrol officers to deal with smuggling and border issues in the high-risk areas of our nation’s coastlines.

One of Kitsap Counties larger private employers, SAFE Boats taps into a wealth of boat building expertise and a highly-skilled workforce in the Bremerton area.  A flourishing manufacturing company, SAFE Boats also exports its high-performance vessels to other countries needing to secure their national coastlines.  Read more in The Seattle Times.

The maritime industry in Washington State employs over 148,000 jobs and generates $15.2 billion in gross business income annually. Boatbuilders in Washington combine the use of next-gen composite materials, advanced technology and cutting edge software and electronics to manufacture the most durable and efficient vessels on the water. From recreational boats and kayak paddles to rugged workboats, high-performance military vessels and double deck car ferries, including 80% of all luxury super yachts, are made in Washington State.

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