FoodwasteManaging food waste is a universal problem. Energy is a universal need. Seattle-based Impact Bioenergy has engineered a solution that localizes the diversion of food waste into renewable energy for heat, power or vehicle fuel, as well as compost to renew soils.

The first generation of their High-solids Organic-waste Recycling System (HORSE) is geared towards urban farming, restaurants, school and college cafeterias, and larger residential units that produce at least 135 lbs of organic waste material per day.  the system is operated off the grid and energy production is stored to meet peak demands. By bringing the processing onsite it also removes the costs and pollution of trucking waste to another location.  Read more in Geekwire.

Washington State has been a pioneer in the fields of recycling and alternative energy including biomass production, solar, wind and underwater ocean turbines. Businesses engaged in maximizing energy efficiency, researching and bringing to market renewable energy and controlling pollution employ nearly 90,000 workers and are backed by more than a billion dollars in venture capital.

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