lifeSci_researchIf you’re a startup and all you need is your laptop, a desk and chair, wi fi, a copier, espresso machine and maybe a conference room there are plenty of co-working and incubator spaces for you to rent by the week or the month. But if you need chemical-resistant counters, multiple sinks and a powerful electrical system to run lab equipment, what’s a bio-tech startup to do? Finding available research lab space, unless you have deep pockets and build out your own, can be difficult.

In the Seattle South Lake Union district, the thriving biotech hub in Washington State, a new lab space for rent is opening to meet just that need. Read more in the Puget Sound Business Journal and Geekwire.

Washington State is on the leading edge of life sciences and global health research. Major players including Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research, the Gates Foundation, University of Washington School of Medicine and Allen Institute for Brain Science are drawing smaller biomedical startups to the region. Now they will have an easier time setting up laboratory space to discover revolutionary cures and bring them to market.

Over 480 life sciences and global health organizations are based in Washington State. The global health efforts are engaged in more than 1,500 projects around the world in 151 countries. With two top-tier research universities and access to local venture capital funding, Washington is a great place for scientists to set up their lab and begin work on improving health outcomes worldwide.

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