Study says Quincy top spot for distribution centers.

Companies looking to build new distribution centers might give Grant County a closer look after a recent study listed Quincy as the most economical site for operating warehouses in the West.distributioncenter_image

The Boyd Company, based in New Jersey, compared the cost of operating a distribution warehouse in 29 key intermodal cities in the Western United States and Western Canada.

Quincy had the lowest annual operating cost at $14.1 million, according to the study.

Los Angeles was the U.S. city with the highest annual operating cost at $20.7 million. Vancouver, British Columbia, had an annual operating cost of $23.6 million, making it the most expensive site in Canada.

John Boyd of The Boyd Company said the study ranked the 29 cities using the same factors companies use during their site selection process.

“The report documents all geographically-variable operating costs like labor, taxes and utilities.” he said. “Quincy did very well for various reasons.”

One of those reasons is the area’s green, hydro-generated power, he said.

Low utility costs is a major site selection driver, said Boyd. Distribution centers with large power requirements, like climate-controlled warehouses, will be attracted to Grant County’s low power rates, he said.

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