Locally Loved

Sure, you may have never heard of these companies (yet), but if you end up doing business in and with Washington State, you'll want to know more about them as they have become beloved institutions with residents and visitors alike.

Bartell Drugs *

Bartell Drugs has been part of the Washington business community since 1890 when George H. Bartell bought his first pharmacy after being working there for only two weeks. Today, the company has 58 stores in three counties and is a proud member of the Century Club.

Ben Bridge Jewelers *

With 70 stores in 12 states, Ben Bridge Jewelers has grown to become the 12th largest jewelry retailer in the country and one of the most trusted and respected names in the jewelry business.


A farmer owned and operated cooperative, Darigold has been a favorite source for dairy products for almost a hundred years and has expanded its reach to five states and counting.

Hanson Bros. Moving & Storage *

A lot of things have changed since 1890 when the moving and storage company first opened its doors for business in Washington State. But the company still gives each of its trucks names, just as it did its horses back at the turn of the 19th century.


Want to know what the Creature From the Black Lagoon, a piano and Dances and Wolves have to do with clams? Find out the story behind one of the state's most beloved seafood restaurants and its founder, Ivar Haglund.

McLendon Hardware

A classic David and Goliath story, as a local hardware company battles the retailing giants for supremacy. Its weapons of choice: superior customer service and unparalleled knowledge of the more than 75,000 items they stock.

Pacific Lamp & Supply Company *

If it glows, they carry it. For more than a century, Pacific Lamp & Supply has been lighting the way in the Pacific Northwest. It is the oldest specialty lighting company in the United States.

Three Girls Bakery *

Venture to the Pike Place Market and you'll find a small bakery that has just celebrated its 100th year in business, no small feat. Its loyal customers will gladly tell you that the secret to their success is their fresh pastries and "to die for" sandwiches.


Overcoming internment and relocation during World War II, the Moriguchi family has created an icon of the region's diversity as well as its love of fresh foods from all over the world, Uwajimaya.

* Members of the Century Club