World Famous

Sure, we're namedropping a bit here, but we're very proud of the many companies in Washington State who have become well known and highly regarded around the world. If you've had the pleasure to patronize any of these businesses then you know that they are truly legendary in the world of commerce.


Nearly two-thirds of Americans have ordered from this online retailing giant and its operations cover the globe, offering consumers everything from clothing and appliances to electronics and oh yes, books.

The Boeing Company

One of the largest aerospace companies in the world, Boeing has been a Washington State legend since 1916, turning out more than 14,000 commercial and military aircraft as well as countless rockets and space exploration vehicles.

Brown & Haley *

Rarely does a confectionery company hit on an idea that not only becomes a treasured part of a community's culture, but becomes a worldwide phenomenon, exported to 35 countries. Not to mention that it's something they've been doing for the last century.


With its seemingly simple strategy for keeping costs low and passing the savings onto members, Costco has changed the face of retailing around the world with its 590+ stores in eight countries.

Filson *

With U.S. made clothing as rugged as the pioneer spirit that created them more than a century ago, Filson continues to deliver on its promise of top quality clothing and accessories for those who demand the very best.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

A desire to create a lasting memorial to a beloved brother creates one of the most highly respected and renowned medical research centers in the world, The Hutch.


A juggernaut in the computing industry, Microsoft products can be found on 95% of all personal computers. But if it weren't for Trac-O-Data, you may have never heard of Windows or Word.

Paccar *

You may not know the name, but you have undoubtedly passed their products on the highways and byways of the world, including Kenworth, Peterbilt, DAF and Leyland medium- and heavy-duty trucks.


Sometimes a good idea becomes a great one through a chance encounter. Once content to sell coffee beans out of a few stores in the Northwest, Starbucks went on to create an international culture of coffee because of one man's trip to Milan, Italy.

Tommy Bahama

What could one of the premier tropic brands possible have to do with Washington State? Find out why Tommy holds a special place in his heart for Seattle.


Those all too familiar brown vans have a long history that dates back to 1907. But did you know this legendary logistics company got its start under a Seattle sidewalk?

Weyerhaeuser *

From its humble beginnings as a sawmill and lumber operation, Weyerhaeuser has led the way in creating timber as a crop over the last 100 years, including the idea of tree farms and sustainable forestry.

* Members of the Century Club.