water shortageWashington State’s world view centers around using it’s creativity and financial wealth to tackle world problems. Maybe it’s the fact that Washington State is in the far Northwest corner of the US and to survive the original settlers had to be resourceful and entrepreneurial. That can-do, pioneering spirit and a culture of collaboration have brought together Washington’s top-tier research institutes, the financial resources of our home-grown global businesses and our robust entrepreneurial spirit. Non-profit organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, PATH and Social Venture Partners are having a significant impact on world issues while creating jobs at home. From water purification systems and improved living conditions for remote regions to cures for deadly diseases, Washington State non-profits are saving lives and creating a better world. Read more in The New York Times about the expanding network of global philanthropic activity based in Washington State.

To learn more about global health organizations in Washington State contact moreinfo@choosewashingtonstate.com