Jan. 5-8, 2022

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Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Seattle, iUNU aims to close the loop in greenhouse autonomy and is focused on being the world’s leading controlled environment specialist. iUNU’s flagship platform, LUNA, combines cultivation software with a variety of high-definition cameras — both fixed and mobile — and environmental sensors to keep track of the minutiae of plant growth and health in indoor ag settings. LUNA’s goal is to turn commercial greenhouses into precise, predictable, demand-based manufacturers that optimize yield, labor and product quality.

Carl Silverberg
+1 202 320 9797

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Joule Case

Joule Case designs and manufactures patented battery systems that stack to solve for all of your temporary, portable and backup power needs. Customers include trade shows, conventions, music festivals, all types of outdoor events and food trucks. Joule Case can scale up or down to any application, providing a more sustainable and cost effective solution that replaces fossil fuel-burning generators.

James Wagoner
+1 720 924 6699

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Kirio, Inc.

Kirio is based in Seattle, Washington. We are a team of engineers, technologists, designers and home automation experts building the next-generation home control experience. Kirio brings universal control to any device, from any manufacturer or underlying communication protocol. Our future-proof hub carries several software-defined radios and a multitude of wired interface options. Launched in 2017, Kirio initially focused on the residential builder/contractor for rapid-deployment solutions. We are now expanding into the multi-family and office markets. Our newly released software enables homeowners and renters to easily integrate all their smart devices on a single platform.

Franck Rougier

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Minnow Technologies

Minnow is a Seattle-based IoT startup that has developed a contactless food delivery amenity that makes food delivery safe, convenient and easier to manage. Especially designed for food, the Minnow Pickup Pod™ helps workplaces and multifamily properties streamline food deliveries and provide their employees and tenants with a safer and more convenient delivery experience.

Christopher Stanvick
VP of Marketing
+1 503 389 5690

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Advanced assistive technology that helps everyone suffering from ALS, MS, spinal cord injury or any physical or neurological challenge to unlock their own limitless potential. Polly is an AI-enhanced assistive parrot that perches on a wheelchair or bedside and helps anyone navigate their surroundings, express themselves freely, communicate with ease, gain control over their lives and reach their own limitless potential.

David Hojah
+1 617 480 3231

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Pictory is an AI-powered video solution that empowers content creators and marketers to edit and produce engaging videos automatically in minutes and at scale. Over 5,000 customers globally utilize the power of Pictory to create video highlights, edit videos using text, add captions to videos and repurpose existing long-form content such as webinars, podcasts and blogs into social snippets. Pictory is based in Seattle and was founded in 2019 by a team of experienced marketing and technology executives, and is backed by world-class investors. Learn more at pictory.ai

Vikram Chalana
+1 425 260 0729

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Picnic is transforming the future of food through innovative automation. We’re a fast-growing company based in Seattle. Since 2016, our engineers, designers, food scientists and trailblazers have been working to answer the needs of the food service industry. By automating food preparation, we save commercial kitchens time, money and labor so you can spend it on elevating the customer experience.

Rebecca Staffel
Director, Marketing
+1 206 399 7183

Expand your business internationally.

Washington State businesses understand the power of tapping overseas markets. Last year, $41.3 billion in goods were shipped worldwide by more than 12,000 businesses statewide, 90% of those small to medium-sized companies. 

An export expert is always nearby.

Exports drive much of the state’s economy. It’s estimated that nearly a third of the state’s economic growth can be attributed directly to exports and almost half of the new jobs created in the state are export related. Leading this growth in exports is the Department of Commerce, which works closely with businesses who are exporting now or want to export in the future.

Our CES 2022 Team

Our team of business experts stands at the ready to help you do business in and with Washington State. Whether you want to locate a new facility or partner with a leading edge Washington company, we are ready to help you expand.

Julie Monahan

Julie Monahan

International Trade Specialist

Washington State
Department of Commerce

+1 206 256 6147


Apply for an export voucher and reduce your export-related expenses

The Washington State Department of Commerce’s Export Voucher Program provides direct cash assistance to qualifying small businesses to help them expand their international sales.

The State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) is funded through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration.