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Washington State is a study in contrasts. Formed by volcanic upheaval and born out of a fierce, inde­pendent pioneer spirit, the state’s stunning vistas and energetic work centers inspire new ideas that can change the world.

Washington has an international reputation as a mecca for those who love the great outdoors, a place where you can surf the ocean in the morning, play 18 holes at a PGA championship golf course in the afternoon, and still have enough time to get in a few black diamond ski runs before bedtime.

If your idea of a good workout is finding a place to dine or enjoy a show, you’ll find Washington is more than up to the task. When locals order seafood, they’re likely to ask what river or bay it came from. Some of the best restaurants in the United States can be found here along with a vibrant arts scene, from symphonies, ballets and operas to museums, theaters and galleries. 

Yes, it rains from time to time, but 44 major cities in the U.S. get more rain than Seattle annually, including Houston, New Orleans, New York City and Miami. While the marine air of Western Washington can turn the sky gray for days at a time, some cities in Eastern Washington enjoy more sunny days and a lot less rain than Florida. And when the sun does come out, nearly everyone agrees that there is simply no place on earth that is as breathtak­ingly beautiful as the Pacific Northwest.

            About Washington

Nationally ranked for a reason.

One of the great things about Washington is its diversity. Not only do we have a diverse population (residents in the Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle are said to speak 59 different languages), but a rich tapestry of neighborhoods, and communities. Residents can choose to live in densely populated urban centers or quaint rural towns. In between, there are suburban cities that offer a nice balance between the two. In many smaller communities, neighbors still leave their doors unlocked. Even our politics are diverse. The west side of the state tends to be more liberal and independent; the east side more conservative.

Eastern Washington is less densely populated than the western part of the state, but has good sized metropolitan areas, including the Tri-Cities, Yakima and Spokane, Washington’s second largest city. The central part of  Western Washington is decidedly urban, but head out to the Pacific Coast, south towards Vancouver or north into Skagit and Whatcom counties, and you’ll find plenty of smaller cities and towns to fit the lifestyle you’re looking for. You can even enjoy island life, if you wish. Many residents commute from the many islands that dot the Puget Sound and the surrounding Salish Sea, using Washington’s ferry system as an aquatic highway.

You’ll see the spirit of the Northwest everywhere you look, from the funky festivals and quaint towns that dot the landscape to our diverse interests and curious nature. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that a half million businesses have chosen to be based in Washington State, from tiny startups to world-famous brands.

Choose Washington for all the right reasons!

Thanks to our highly educated workforce, culture of creativity, mild climate, clean air and spectacular scenery, Washington State is without question one of the most desirable places to live and work in the United States.

Businesses choose Washington for many reasons. But we think most will agree that becoming a Washington State business is one of the smartest decisions they made; not only for their business but for their employees and their families who come to love our inspirational lifestyle that spurs creativity, rejuvenates the soul and promotes recreation and relaxation at every turn.

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