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In Washington State, we know what it takes to create a business-friendly environment and we deliver! Our state has a rich tradition of fostering, nurturing and building many of the biggest names in the world, including Amazon, Costco, Expedia, Microsoft and Starbucks. That’s why some of the most recognized brands, innovative companies and brightest startups choose Washington.

We take our role in driving business success and economic development across the state very seriously. Our main focus is to give you the support you need to open and expand your business. We seem to be doing a good job, too. More than 500,000 companies are either headquartered in Washington or have operations here.

When you need expertise or insight, our team of business professionals is here to help. Our seasoned experts at the Department of Commerce can help you find new markets overseas, point you to financial resources, develop innovative workforce training pro­grams, locate new sites for your facilities, establish partnerships with other companies and help you wind your way through all the necessary permitting and licensing. The vast majority of these services, as well as our expertise, are offered free!

When you need new ideas, you can count on our university-led research and development programs, a range of workspaces, accelerators and incubators, innovation partnership zones built around specific industry sectors, and state-managed programs that are designed to fuel growth and expansion in communities large and small.

            About Washington

A growth-oriented economy.

Washington may be known for its airplanes, apples and wine, but nearly every industry is represented in our state, from high-tech and manufacturing to life sciences and maritime trades.

Historically, Eastern Washing­ton has been known as an agricultural hub. But today it is also a high-growth region for clean technology, advanced manufacturing and cloud-based data centers, thanks to its proxim­ity to the state’s low-cost power grid. It has also become a hotbed for testing next-generation aircraft. Grant County’s airport is one of the longest in the nation and once served as a emergency runway for the space shuttle.

Western Washington is the headquarters of our aerospace cluster, specializing in aircraft, space, UAVs and composites. The Puget Sound region is also the epicenter of information and communication technology, anchored by a who’s who of technology companies. The area is second only to Silicon Valley in terms of size and scope and many companies from Silicon Valley have opened up satellite operations in Washington to tap the state’s top-tier talent.

We offer businesses some competitive advantages found in few other states, including industry-specific tax incentives to spur innovation and growth in key industry sectors. Washington’s business and occupation (B&0) taxes are based on gross revenue after credits for certain activities have been applied. This tax structure tends to benefit successful companies as they grow since it allows them to retain more of their profits.

We’ve also embarked on a $16 billion transportation system upgrade, improving access to the state’s ports, relieving congestion in historic bottlenecks, updating our marine highway system and electrifying state ferries, and improving mass transit, adding light rail corridors to facilitate movement through Puget Sound.

Choose Washington as your business partner.

Washington State means business. We offer you a highly skilled workforce, low-cost energy, an end-to-end supply chain and an inspirational lifestyle that is hard to find anywhere else.

We are here to support your business any way we can, including fielding a team of business experts who offer you a range of services few others can, all designed to help you expand your business, explore new opportuni­ties and be a leader in the marketplace. When you choose Washington, you choose success.

Savvy businesses Choose Washington for its pro-business climate where the private and public sectors work together to make operations affordable and profitable. To find out how we can help you do business with or in Washington State, contact one of our business experts!

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