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The Business Services Division (BSD) makes it easy to do business in Washington, creating jobs and economic prosperity statewide. We offer a seasoned team of professionals with real-world business experience whose results-oriented approach is focused entirely on the success of companies doing business in and with Washington State. We provide businesses and investors with adaptive and customized programs and services that meet their specific needs so they can increase sales, enter new markets, find new partners, make substantial investments in the state, expand strategically, find new funding sources and hire and train more workers.

Our services are divided into four core areas: 1) Business Development, 2) International Trade 3) Business Retention & Expansion and 4) Marketing Services:

Business Services Division

Mary Trimarco 
Assistant Director
(206) 256-6146

Korrina Zambrzuski
Administrative Assistant
(206) 256-6134

Russ Campbell
(206) 256-6100

Business Development Team

Allison Clark
Managing Director, Business Development
(206) 256-6124

Aline Allonas
Research Analyst
(206) 256-6145

Raymond Chao
Program Manager
(206) 256-6117

Amandine Noel-Crabtree
Business Development Manager
(206) 256-6116

Susan St. Germain
Sr. Business Development Manager
(206) 256-6114

Sean Meehan
Business Development Manager
Foreign Direct Investment and Work Start Strategic Reserve Fund
(206) 256-6142

Jane Swanson
Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) Project Manager
(206) 256-6155

International Trade Team

Mark Calhoon
Senior Managing Director
(206) 256-6137

Mary Ferguson
Operations Manager, Seattle
(206) 256-613

Hovan Asdourian
Life Sciences & Global Health
(206) 256-6144

Julie Bennion
Certificates of Free Sale, Consumer Products,
International Education, Professional Services,
International Trade Statistics
(206) 256-6132

Andrew Crowder
Clean Technology
(206) 256-6140

Isabelle DuWulf
(206) 256-6143

Robert Hamilton
Trade Analyst
(206) 256-6122

Wistar Kay
Information & Communication Technology
(206) 256-6141

Adam Kephart
MDCP Aerospace Program Coordinator
(206) 256-6131

Julie Monahan
STEP Grant
(206) 256-6147

Business Retention & Expansion Team

Maury Forman
Senior Manager
(206) 256-6110

Terry Lawhead
Business Development Manager
(509) 990-2416

Marketing Services Team

Robb Zerr
Marketing Communications Manager
(206) 256-6111

Alexander Harper 
Digital Communications Manager
(360) 970-1073

Gretchen Schlomann 
Special Projects Manager
(206) 256-6138

Operations Team

Karen McArthur
Operations Manager-Olympia
(360) 725-4027

Linda Alongi
Education and Training Program Manager
(360) 725-4031

Kathy Carlson
Program Assistant
(360) 725-4187

Kathleen Carney
Budget Analyst
(360) 725-4023

Jaclyn Woodson 
CERB / IPZ Program Coordinator
(360) 725-4049


Office of Economic Development & Competitiveness

Sector Leads

Alex Pietsch
Director, Office of Aerospace and State Sector Based Economic Development
(206) 256-6103

Maura Little
Director of Economic Development for the Life Sciences Sector
(206) 256-6107

Kristiné Reeves
Director, Military & Defense Sector
(206) 256-6105

Steve Sewell
Director of Economic Development for the Maritime Sector
(206) 256-6104

Brian Young
Director of Economic Development for the Clean Technology Sector
(206) 256-6129