Our Key Sectors

Washington State's bustling economy truly has something for everyone. With more than a quarter million businesses in the state, we cover nearly every industry and profession imaginable. Following are the key industries we dedicate additional resources to, largely because they have the most potential for creating economic wealth and job growth throughout the state in the years to come.

A 737 banks to the right in flight

The undisputed global leader in aerospace, Washington’s aviation industry goes back more than a century. The state has more than 1,400 firms in its aerospace cluster, developing and building products and services for major manufacturers and airlines throughout the world, including Boeing, Airbus, Embraer and Bombardier.

A harvester harvests wheat in Eastern Washington

The state's 39,500 farms grow, produce and ship 300 different crops, ranking second in the nation. Food and beverage production supports 131,000 jobs in Washington State, which is the leading producer of apples, sweet cherries, pears, raspberries and hops in the United States.

Solar panels and wind machines produce clean energy

Washington State is a major player in developing new, renewable and sustainable energy sources while protecting the environment. Businesses are engaged in an array of research and development projects utilizing wind, solar, tides, biofuels and biomass technologies that will reduce our carbon footprint or dependence on fossil fuels.

A logging truck heads down a mountain road

For nearly 200 years, Washington's forest products sector has been a mainstay of the state's economy. As the third largest manufacturing industry in Washington, the sector is composed of 1,700+ companies representing a range of product lines, from raw timber and laminates to next-generation biofuels.

A computer with various charts being displayed on it

Fourteen thousand companies and nearly 200,000 tech-based workers are changing the way we manage, manipulate and interact with information. Legendary businesses such as Microsoft, Cray, Expedia and Amazon are joined by a new generation of companies such as Google and Facebook to bring new ideas to market quickly and efficiently.

A researcher conducts a tests in a laboratory

Some of the most important advances in medicine and global health have come from Washington State, including revolutionary new treatments for cancer, kidney disease and heart attacks. Our critical mass of world-class research facilities, nimble life science companies and global health organizations is improving health around the world.

A welder cuts a sheet of curved piece of metal

With thousands of miles of shoreline it shouldn’t be too surprising that Washington State is a powerhouse for the maritime industry, employing tens of thousands of tradesmen, shipwrights and marine engineers. Fully 80% of all super luxury yachts produced in the United States are built right here in Washington and the state is second in the nation in seafood processing.

Soldiers take cover during a firefight in the Middle East

Tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars flow into the state’s economy from the military and defense sector. Washington has six active duty military installations and is 6th in the nation in the number of active duty military, with 69,125 military personnel and another 90,246 dependents and 19,474 reservists.