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February 27-March 2, 2023

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Washington State Delegates


Alitheon’s FeaturePrint® is an Optical AI technology that does for items, what fingerprints do for people – provide a one-of-a-kind, unique identifier that does not require you to mark or add anything to the item. Using just a camera, FeaturePrinting enables authentication, identification and traceability of individual items out of millions. Avoid counterfeits, eliminate misidentification and simplify tracing.

Roei Ganzarski, CEO
Phone: +1 206 304 8129


Coinme, established in 2014, provides a turnkey embedded crypto asset solution for financial institutions and fintechs. We partner with traditional companies including MoneyGram, Jack Henry, NCR and Coinstar. Our services are available in-app, online and in-person, including at major retail stores in the U.S. such as Walmart, Kroger, CVS and Safeway-Albertsons. 

Sung Choi, SVP Strateg
Phone: +1 206 651 5195

Forma Vision

Forma Vision’s holographic collaboration service enables us to communicate and collaborate naturally, as if in the same room together using real-time holograms. This meeting service is for business professionals who prefer to meet with others as their authentic selves in the metaverse, as opposed to an avatar persona. Essentially, this is the closest to teleportation the world has ever seen.

Abhay Mahajan, CFO
Phone: +1 437 326 0228


Hedgehog is an open source software company dedicated to giving Cloud Native application owners the ability to deploy workloads on edge compute and distributed cloud infrastructure with the same procurement power and automated operations that power the public cloud. Hedgehog helps customers escape vendor lock, automate mass-scale infrastructure operations and reduce their cost of service.

Josh Saul, VP Marketing
Phone: +1 646-334-1271


KredosAI’s vision is to transform the payment experience of delinquent customers who will miss payments in their services and financial relationships. We remedy, reform and restore the payment relationships between our enterprise clients and their end customers using a SaaS learning and management platform that combines adaptive multivariate reinforcement AI and real-world behavioral economics solutions to create individualized experiences.

Balaji Sridharan, CEO and Co-founder
Phone: +1 214 435 2325


Pebblebee is an IoT technology company in the data tracking category. We provide BLE and LTE solutions for the B2C and B2B markets with embedded solutions in various form factors including Apple FindMy and other technologies. Pebblebee was founded to solve a long-standing issue “where are my things?” and is purpose built to find what matters, when it matters most.

Daniel Daoura, CTO


Created by telecom veterans, PIA-TEAM’s DNext is the Next Cloud Native Digital Customer Engagement and smart B2C/B2B Commerce Platform. DNext turns the journey from the present operational mode of maintaining monolithic legacy BSS/OSS apps, to the Next future mode of platform-based operations. DNext comprises on/off prem cloud-native, dynamically scalable, enterprise grade secure components, and provides out-of-the-box flexible business process automation.

Hudai Sami Asmaz, CTO
Phone: +1 425 428 3193


Radical is building high-altitude solar aircraft to provide wireless telecommunications coverage to under-served areas. With Radical’s technology, wireless carriers will be able to connect rural populations with continuous, year-round, direct-to-handset mobile broadband. Highly versatile, Radical’s aircraft can be used to quickly expand cellular coverage at a fraction of the cost of terrestrial or satellite networks.

James Thomas, CEO
Phone: +1 206 370 1189


Sitehound is the latest Lifecycle Asset Management software to help reduce your carbon footprint by managing your most valuable items. Extremely configurable to fit your unique business needs, Sitehound is web and mobile friendly and accessible from anywhere in the world. With uncertain economic changes, companies need financial and logistical transparency now more than ever. Unleash your data with Sitehound.

Jami Oster, CEO
Phone: +1 206 714 6181

Spektrum Metrics

Spektrum Metrics provides spectrum ownership analysis tools to wireless carriers, financial entities, infrastructure providers and equipment suppliers, that detail how each country has allocated their spectrum for commercial wireless carriers and how each carrier’s ownership interest may vary by geographic area. Our spectrum data and analysis tools detail each carrier’s spectrum ownership by country, level 1 regional areas (states) and level 2 regional areas (counties).

Brian Goemmer, President
Phone: +1 425 522-2142


Tupl automates the most critical, complex tasks within network operations and engineering. Our live deployments show 100x improvement in resolution speeds, 90% level of automation, 4x improvement in accuracy, with 100% consistency. Our approach is unique: operators provide their most pressing manual work problems, and Tupl automates those processes. Use cases range from customer care to network optimization, automated alarm handling, and even construction management and prediction.

Petri Hautakangas, CEO
Phone: +1 425 633 7368

Apply for an export voucher and reduce your export-related expenses

The Washington State Department of Commerce’s Export Voucher Program provides direct cash assistance to qualifying small businesses to help them expand their international sales.

The State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) is funded through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration.