Aerial view of Seattle looking south toward Mt. Rainier

Building Business Legends

Since rugged pioneers first set eyes on our virgin forests, vast network of waterways and awe-inspiring mountain ranges, Washington State has built a reputation as a place where legendary businesses take root and flourish. From world famous brands to game-changing products and services, Washington businesses have carved their rightful place in history due to their creativity, tenacity, vision and competitive spirit.

Our Strengths

Washington State offers businesses a highly skilled workforce, an inspirational culture of creativity, low-cost energy, robust supply chain, superior quality of life and a centralized export hub. More than 500,000 businesses call Washington home, creating a diverse economy where any startup can become the next Starbucks, Amazon or Expedia.

Our Key Industries

While Washington businesses represent nearly every industry and category imaginable, the state focuses on nine key sectors, including aerospace, agriculture, clean energy, creative economy, forest productsICT, life science/global health, maritime and military and defense.

Our Regions & Counties

One of Washington’s greatest assets is its diversity. The state’s 39 counties are all very different in terms of geography, industries, workforce, lifestyle and even climate. Choosing a place to do business in Washington is as much about choosing the pace and quality of life you desire as it is about location and amenities.

Washington Overview

Do you have questions about Washington’s weather, climate, ease of travel or culture? How about how our economy came to be? Perhaps you even wonder what Chris Pratt and Bing Crosby have in common. You can get all the answers right here in our handy Washington Overview. And don’t worry, there’s no quiz at the end.

State Demographics & Data

Sure, we can brag all we want about being a great place to do business, but we’ve also got the numbers to prove it. Here you’ll find lots of facts and figures, and state demographics and data to help you understand why Washington is a great place to be.

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