Boeing's first and latest commercial airliners fly in formation.

The global leader in aerospace.

For more than a century, Washington State has been at the very forefront of innovation in the aerospace industry, designing and building some of the most advanced and successful commercial and military aircraft, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and space exploration vehicles the world has ever seen.

Building on our century of know-how, Washington continues to be a dominant force in the aerospace industry, not only producing more than 1,400 aircraft and unmanned aerial systems annually, but building nearly 90% of all commercial aircraft in North America.

The state is anchored by Boeing, which was founded on the shores of Seattle's Lake Union in 1916. In the ensuing years, the company has turned out tens of thousands of aircraft from its Washington factories - including every 737, 747, 757, 767 and 777 ever built, plus the vast majority of 787 Dreamliners. The next generation 737 MAX and 777X are also being built in the state. Washington also has a rapidly growing space cluster, featuring such visionary firms as Aerojet Rocketdyne, Blue Origin, Spaceflight Industries, SpaceX and Vulcan Aerospace.

More than 1,400 aerospace-related companies benefit from this dense ecosystem of innovation and invention, serving as the supply chain for every major aircraft manufacturer and air carrier in the world.

1,400 aerospace-related companies 1,400 aircraft and UAS produced annually 136,100 aerospace industry workers

Compelling reasons to Choose Washington.

Decades of orders and new programs ensure a steady supply of work for savvy businesses and investors who want to be part of Washington’s world-class supply chain.

To promote innovation and industry growth, the state offers aerospace companies an array of incentives, including reduced tax credits for preproduction development expenditures and property/leasehold taxes paid, sales and use tax exemptions for computer hardware and software, and construction of new facilities used to manufacture commercial airplanes, fuselages and wings.

The industry is supported by innovative public-private partnerships, such as the Center for Excellence for Aerospace & Advanced Manufacturing, Washington Aerospace Training & Research Center and the Joint Center for Aerospace Technology Innovation. An emphasis on training and education ensures a steady stream of highly trained specialists in avionics, robotics, logistics, production, interiors and advanced materials. Research and development at the state’s major universities as well as the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory drives additional innovation and invention in the sector.

Four regions to choose from.

Each of our regions offers aviation and space companies something different. The Puget Sound area has more than 800 suppliers and an integrated delivery system that ensures efficient product delivery using just-in-time and lean manufacturing processes.

In the northwest part of the state, you’ll find a composite and advanced materials manufacturing cluster producing next-generation composites and materials. Southwest Washington is the center of UAS manufacturing, avionics, engineering and a supply chain cluster that supports the aerospace industry with metal finishing, plastics and electronics. The eastern region offers low-cost, renewable energy, an established and growing cluster of suppliers and pre-permitted industrial sites that are ideally suited to aerospace companies, especially ones in a high growth mode that need access to airports, including a 13,500-foot runway in Moses Lake.

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