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Blessed with 50,000 miles of rivers and streams and a deep love of nature and the environment, it shouldn’t be surprising that Washington State is leading the way in finding new clean technology solutions for renewable and sustainable energy.

Washington is the nation’s low-cost energy leader, with industrial energy rates averaging 4.13¢ per kilowatt hour statewide. Nearly 75% of the state’s power comes from an extensive hydroelectric grid, drawing renewable energy from the state’s abundant water supply.

Washington State’s main areas of focus – alternative and renewable energy, pollution reduction, power storage and grid management – employ more than 90,000 scientists, researchers, technicians and other workers, backed by more than $200 million in venture capital. Research labs at the University of Washington, Washington State University and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory – one of only 10 such federal laboratories in the United States – continue to find new ways to solve the complex issues of energy production, storage, conservation and management.

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On the cutting edge of energy’s future.

Washington is so dedicated to the future of clean energy that the state’s legislature has mandated that 100% of all energy be derived from clean generating sources by 2045.

New ideas are being explored at all levels: the development of highly-efficient integrated storage battery systems that can store wind and solar energy; the use of computational science to improve power grid management; and the utilization of low-value plant biomass to produce biofuels and other bioproducts in an environmentally and economically viable manner.

The state’s culture of collaboration and cooperation connects innovators to a diverse range of new ideas, not only in clean technologies but in software, hardware, cloud computing, smart homes, advanced materials and transportation systems as well.

State supported incentives.

The clean tech industry gets the enthusiastic support of Washington State government at all levels, right up to the Governor’s office and the legislature. Since 2013 the Clean Energy Fund has managed a portfolio of $125 million in grants to researchers, utilities and partnering organizations to explore new energy concepts and technologies. This level of government support can help your business get ahead of the pack in clean technology and new energy strategies for the future.

To attract further investment and innovation, the state offers clean technology companies a range of incentives, including B&O tax reductions for manufacturers of solar energy systems, components and semiconductor materials and sales and tax credits for equipment that generates electricity using renewable energy.

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Our culture of innovation and invention offers you dynamic partnerships with other high performing companies; a workforce of highly-skilled, out-of-the-box thinkers; a pro-business environment in which there’s no such thing as a corporate or personal income tax; and a stunning natural landscape that will inspire you to create and succeed in exploring new energy sources and technologies that protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

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