Highly Skilled Workforce

Talented, educated, driven.

It’s no accident that Washington offers employers a superbly educated and trained state workforce. It's part of who we are. More than 90% of all residents are high school graduates (compared to 83% nationally), 32.3% have a Bachelors degree or higher, and three-fourths of the students at the state's largest university call Washington home after graduation.

This isn’t surprising, given that Washington boasts a national laboratory (one of only 10 in the U.S.) and two major public universities, the University of Washington and Washington State University.

There is also a host of public and private four-year institutions, 34 com­munity and technical colleges and an integrated workforce training program that is targeted to filling the needs of key industry sectors, including aerospace, agriculture/food manufacturing, clean technology, forest products, life science/global health, maritime and information and communication technology.

Our culture of creativity encourages a lifetime of learning. In addition to formal education, you’ll find that the Washington state workforce has a passion for learning that extends far beyond the classroom and into the community at large. Innovative public-private partnerships in the areas of continuing education and ongoing training yield a state workforce that is highly engaged, highly motivated and versed in the latest technologies and skills!

A leg up on the competition.

As any business knows, a highly skilled, expert workforce can be the competitive edge that you've been looking for. Washington's workers can step in and contribute right from the get-go, maximizing production, reducing time to market, lowering costs and driving profitability.

The Washington State workforce is diverse, innovative and ready to tackle any challenge you face:

  • 191,000+ technology workers, including 51,700 software engineers
  • 136,100+ aerospace workers, many second and third generation
  • 295,931 workers in manufacturing
  • 57,700 employees in maritime trades, ranging from maintenance to luxury yacht construction
  • 36,000+ workers in life science and 12,000 in global health
  • 56,000 in the clean energy sector
    It's well known that Washington is the global leader in aerospace, but the state also has extremely robust information and communication technology, life science/global health, clean technology, and maritime sectors. It is consistently ranked as a great place to do business, including being ranked as one of the Most Innovative States in the U.S. by Bloomberg.

    Don’t take chances with your workforce – Choose Washington!

    In today’s dog-eat-dog world no business can afford to field a second rate workforce. The days of filling a position with anyone with a pulse are long gone. Successful businesses require highly skilled, highly motivated workers who can tackle the difficult challenges that lie ahead with creativity, resourcefulness and know-how, propelling the organization to new heights in a global marketplace where you're only as good as your last idea.

    Find out more about our highly skilled workforce and other great reasons to Choose Washington by contacting one of our business experts right now!

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