Hannover Messe 2023

April 17-21, 2023

Hall 16 #G-18

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Hannover Messe Partner Directory

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Washington State Delegates

Delta Motion

Delta Motion is a manufacturer of industrial automation products with a focus on high-performance hydraulic motion control. Delta’s RMC Motion Controllers deliver unrivaled, closed-loop position and pressure/force control, boosting productivity in a wide range of applications across the globe. With the ability to control systems with up to 50 axes, Delta’s controllers can connect to nearly any PLC or HMI and they are highly configurable with a variety of I/O modules.

Tim Gessner
Director for Business Development, Europe


+44(0)7594 000453


Dyndrite is a software development company specializes in Build Preparation and Manufacturing Automation software for the Additive Manufacturing Industry. We manufacture a GPU accelerated Accelerated Computation Engine (ACE) that comes coupled with advanced programming CAD → Print APIs to allow: Machine OEMs, Independent software Vendors (ISV) and Enterprise End Users to: accelerate and automate their Manufacturing Build Preparation activities.

Stephen Anderson
VP of Business Development
+1 (213) 331-0293 (US)

Eagle Harbor Technologies, Inc.

Eagle Harbor Technologies, Inc. provides innovative pulsed-power solutions to solve challenging problems for commercial and research markets. We specialize in rapid prototyping and product development of high-voltage high-frequency pulse generators with fast rise time with fast rise times using solid-state switching. Our repetitive pulsed-power systems provide new capabilities to medical device, fusion energy, environmental, aerospace, and defense customers. We work closely with our customers to ensure that the pulses delivered will meet their application needs.

Dr. James Prager
Senior Research Scientist




Emissol develops emission control technologies for vehicles and other sources as well as carbon (CO2) capture technologies. Our technologies work across a range of operating conditions, helping create a cleaner environment and meeting stringent emission regulations while saving substantial costs for the stakeholder. Emissol founder has worked for major global companies in various engineering capacities including Senior Project Manager and Manager of Advanced Powertrain Technologies.

Mansour Masoudi
+1 (425) 2311686


We make the unorganized world of industrial OEMs more organized, more digitized by providing an One-stop After-sale platform so they can unlock the potential of their existing Installed Base. Industrility provides a unique digital twin app platform that monitors the machine’s health, ensures higher uptime, reduces counterfeits, increases after-sale parts and services revenue, and ultimately creates a loyalty loop with the owner/operator throughout the lifetime of equipment.

Jinesh Varia, Founder
+1 (425)5331640



LiloTree – Surface Finishes for 5G Electronic Assemblies. We are a global supplier of award winning non-toxic surface finishes to PCB and IC manufacturing. Our Ni-less ENIG-Premium & ENIG-Premium, eco-friendly patented plating solutions offer the best performance for 5G-HDI high frequency PCBs, an essential next-generation technology solution. We are based in Redmond, Washington. Unparalleled eco-friendly surface finishes for optimum performance and better reliability of 5G-next generation electronic assemblies.

Kunal Shah, PhD.

+1 425 780 2732



No code AI solutions which just work! Loopr offers a no-code SaaS platform to adopt pre-built and end-to-end AI solutions, within days, at no up-front cost. The Loopr advantages are: easy – no data science experience required, fast – within hours or days, cost-effective, Edge & IoT ready with devices of your choice, cross function, and, secure. Loopr Ai can help you detect quality issues, anticipate maintenance needs, automate compliance verification, and optimize inventory management.

Priyansha Bagaria

+1 (984)2329003



Are you looking to jumpstart your AI and industrial automation software development? Are you worried about when you will deliver to market? Numurus can help with its turnkey pre-built open-source Edge AI and automation software, NEPI, and ready to deploy edge-computing hardware, S2X. With Numurus, you get access to low-level software capabilities you would otherwise have to spend months and years to develop, and this gets repeated by every other organization and spend millions..

Shanif Merchant
Chief Product Officer

+1 (925) 5495799


Stardust Secured

Founded in 1998, Stardust Secured™ delivers undefeated security and ironclad integrity for brand protection, material and product traceability, and process control by establishing an ironclad physical link between physical goods and intangible characteristics, claims, and data, while providing machine readability for quality control and content verification. We lead innovation in covert tracers we call Stardust® and custom detection devices, specializing in their research, development, and manufacturing. Our portfolio represents the largest available and most affordable globally.

Adam Herbenson
VP Sales and Marketing

+1 (360) 9915303


Suspension Systems Technologies

Suspension Systems Technologies – Proactive Vibration Reduction, Enhanced Business Productivity. Improved Worker Health: Our patented CounterRide™ is a revolutionary, low-profile, economical, highly effective suspension technology that shields land, marine and aircraft operators and cargos from vibration and shock. CounterRide™ is the only suspension that proactively mitigates shocks and stabilizes the payload by moving the operator/cargo in the opposite direction of the terrain. SST designs and licenses its CounterRide™ suspension technology to manufacturers and OEMs.

Peter W. Johnson
President and CEO

(206) 2948633


Transparent Path

Transparent Path is a US technology company focused on supply chain visibility through advanced technologies. Formed in 2020 by former senior executives from Amazon, Kraft Foods, Microsoft, Target, and Expedia, the company uses continuously-connected 5G sensors, cloud-based software and generative AI to see, act and intervene in our most critical supply chains. We create transparency and certainty in logistics, keeping food, pharma, bio-medical and chemical products out of landfills.

Eric Weaver

+1 323 230 0030


Economic Alliance Snohomish County

We are a public/private partnership of community leaders, businesses, educators, and workforce partners committed to fostering economic growth and vitality. Snohomish County, WA, boasts a highly skilled workforce, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a robust supply chain network. As the local connection for advanced manufacturing companies, we offer customized site selection assistance, workforce development programs, and valuable connections to local resources. Join us in Snohomish County and experience the benefits of a thriving business community.

Wendy Poischbeg
Vice President of Economic Development
+1 425 248 4225

Apply for an export voucher and reduce your export-related expenses

The Washington State Department of Commerce’s Export Voucher Program provides direct cash assistance to qualifying small businesses to help them expand their international sales.

The State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) is funded through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Our Hannover Messe 2023 Team

Our team of business experts stands at the ready to help you do business in and with Washington State. Whether you want to locate a new facility or partner with a leading edge Washington company, we are ready to help you expand.

Tammy Deets

Tammy Deets

International Trade - Advanced Manufacturing, Clean Tech, Maritime

Washington State
Department of Commerce

+1 206-799-0342

Lucy Atkinson

Lucy Atkinson

Europe Representative

Washington State
Department of Commerce

T: 44 1451 822252
M: 44 7899 804036


Harry Birak

Harry Birak

Senior Business Development Manager

Business Development Team

Cell: 206-561-3641

Brian Young

Brian Young

Director of Economic Development for the Clean Technology Sector

Phone: (206) 256-6129