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May 21-24, 2024

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AlfaPharma LLC

AlfaPharma is a licensed and registered pharmaceutical wholesale distribution business based in Renton, Washington, USA. AlfaPharma has been in business since 2016. We carry a full line of pharmaceutical products, including prescription products, both brand name and generic products. Our customer base ranges from governmental & private hospitals to national health ministries & wholesale distributors.

Unique Selling Points

We pride ourselves at AlfaPharma at delivering drug products in high demand at competitive prices. We have a vast network of global partners.

Meeting Goals

We plan to identify prospective new clients and suppliers to partner with within Brazil and Latin America.


We carry a full line of US pharmaceutical products, including prescription products as well as dietary supplements such as VivaVitamins.

Sam AlFayoumi
+1 (206) 491-5964

Amir Nazem
+1 (206) 557-2233

360 Project EvoX LLC

Project Evolution 360 empowers scalable businesses globally leveraging methodologies of Scaled Agile Frameworks to unlock growth potential across industries. Our mission is to strategically position our portfolio companies like Derm Intellect and other companies to expand globally, ensuring sustainable growth. We are committed to helping various company to expand and help our clients adapt and thrive in the global scale.

Unique Selling Points

Empowering Innovation and Global Expansion: Project Evolution 360, collaborates with companies like Derm Intellect leveraging advanced Scaled Agile Framework to accelerates strategic growth globally.

Meeting Goals

Forging strategic network and partnerships, while exploring innovative global solutions, and expand our network within the global health and other industry.


Project Evolution 360 delivers strategic growth, enhanced global market scalability to our portfolio companies like Derm Intellect.

Cherrise Curtis
+1 (509) 300-3988

Know Labs

Know Labs is at the forefront of transforming non-invasive medical diagnostics. Its proprietary technology platform leverages RF Dielectric Spectroscopy and can be integrated into various form factors. Its first application is a non-invasive blood glucose monitoring device, which will provide users with real-time information on their glucose levels. Know Labs is a public company traded under the symbol KNW (NYSE American)

Unique Selling Points

Scalable non-invasive diagnostics platform.
– Form-factor agnostic
– Cost-effective (no disposables)
– Beyond blood glucose (oxygen, ketones, alcohol, etc) and medical (F&B, O&G, industrial, etc.)

Meeting Goals

– Identify businesses in space and clinical partners;
– Identify parties interested in partnering to build a product for the local market;
– Understand Brazilian regulatory;
– Promote Know Labs


KnowU, a wearable non-invasive glucose monitoring device

Leo Trautwein
Chief Commercial Officer
+1 (646) 306-1597

Jordyn Hujar
Chief of Staff
+1 (206) 629-6414

Morgan Cosmetics

Morgan Cosmetics produces the finest organic face, hair, skin, and nail care products crafted from luxurious Moroccan Argan Oil. With operational hubs in both Morocco and Seattle, Washington, we proudly present a diverse portfolio of over 60 carefully curated SKUs, offering unrivaled care for everyone. Morgan Cosmetics just awarded the SBA Regional Exporter Firm of the Year 2024 in the Pacific Northwest.

Unique Selling Points

Our premium beauty products are USDA Certified Organic, parabens free, cruelty free sulfate free, long-lasting formulas, multi-functional that are toxin free. Our products are also EWG certified.

Meeting Goals

1. Introduce New Products
2. Generate leads
3. Build Brand Awareness
4. Establish Partnerships
5. Gather Market Insights
6. Network with Key Industry Players
7. Demonstrate Product Benefits


Premium Skin, Body and Hiar care products

Bachir Abba
CEO & Founder
+1 (302) 379-9025

Hannah Ouijdani
Managing Director
+1 (425) 657-0081

Transparent Path

Transparent Path is a technology provider focused on supply chain visibility for pharmaceutical and biomedical products. We leverage the latest AI, IoT and cloud technology to provide our customers with real-time, end-to-end visibility into their cargo shipments. We monitor the location, temperature, humidity, tilt, shock and other factors of customer shipments — alerting the appropriate parties when cargo is in jeopardy.

Unique Selling Points

– Real-time, end-to-end cargo visibility – anywhere in the world
– Constant awareness of where shipments are and how they are being treated
– Ability to act in real-time when products are in jeopardy

Meeting Goals

Hoping to meet senior executives in logistics, procurement and operations for pharmaceutical and biomedical producers, distributors, logistics partners, and pharmacies/hospitals.


Transparent Path Visibility Platform – combines 5G cellular sensors (included) with a collaborative cloud platform and real-time alerts.

Eric Weaver
+1 (323) 230-0030

Mark Kammerer
Chief Commercial Officer
+1 (206) 499-8939


VTeamLabs Technologies differentiates itself as a dedicated custom software developer and integrator. Our partnership with AR headset makers RealWear and DigiLens is central to our strategy. We are backed by global software partnerships and a clientele that includes major projects with Microsoft, OpenEdX, and the CDC-funded engagement—FETP India, in partnership with WHO India and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Unique Selling Points

VTeamLabs Technologies stands out with its innovative approach tailored to fit complex client needs. Central to our strategy is our partnership with AR headset manufacturers, RealWear and DigiLens.

Meeting Goals

VTeamLabs aims to share its innovative AI-powered digital healthcare workflows, wearables, and learning solutions with key market leaders across LatAm to reduce burnout for healthcare professionals.


Process digitization, micro-learning, and assisted reality (aR) for healthcare workflows, employee & user training, and cloud & customer support.

Chandler Lewis
+1 (509) 429-9085

Madhup Verma
+1 (425) 442-6829

Catalog Co-Exhibitors


LIMIS is working closely with Lifelens to assist the transcription to mapping process between nursing notes and HRM systems. LIMIS creates flexible forms that map directly to those in the HRM system, and Lifelens creates a dynamic AI sorting that takes dictated transcription and fills out the LIMIS form with all the information in the correct locations.

Unique Selling Points

System combines AI and assisted reality devices to enable better quality documentation and additional time for nurses to remain bedside.

Meeting Goals

Together with Lifelens we are doing customer discovery and working on making international connections that might be willing to co-develop a solution to deploy in their locality.


At this point we are looking to pilot our wearable, AI enabled nurse charting solution.

Student Representative
+1 (206) 715-9548

Evan Wasik
+1 (425) 229-0090

The State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) is funded through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Our Hospitalar 2024 Team

Our team of business experts stands at the ready to help you do business in and with Washington State. Whether you want to locate a new facility or partner with a leading edge Washington company, we are ready to help you expand.

Karl Dahlgren

International Trade Specialist - Life Science & Global Health

Washington State
Department of Commerce

+1 (206) 798-5225