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Nov. 3-4, 2021

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Industrility is on a mission to help industrial and commercial OEMs increase their after-sale revenue using new data streams and algorithms. It provides a new age digital “business outcomes” app platform that organizes all the equipment data in one place. This app platform includes purpose-built apps (20+) so OEMs can provide one unified customer-facing interface to all their diverse stakeholders. Combining the app platform with Industrility’s Dynamic WarrantyTM and Asset Scoring Framework, OEMs can now provide a unique data-driven incentive to continue buying genuine parts and authorized service. The platform connects seamlessly to AWS/Azure IoT and is fully serverless so OEMs can now achieve their business outcomes quickly at 1/10th of the cost of traditional provider.


Jinesh Varia
+1 425 533 1640

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Jeeva Wireless

Jeeva Wireless is based in Seattle, WA and is a spinout from the Deep Tech labs at the University of Washington. Jeeva is VC-backed and holds a portfolio of over 30 approved and pending patents for our proprietary ultra-low power backscatter communications technology. Jeeva is actively seeking pilot scale opportunities with prospective customers for industrial IoT, supply chain, and consumable product tracking use cases with infinite connectivity.

Kris Hunt
Director of Business Development
+1 360 739 9659

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Based in Seattle, Metrolla facilitates automation from machine learning with an edge deployment system for smart sensor ecosystems. Metrolla’s system streamlines data access, power processing, communication capabilities, and machine learning deployment for smart sensor ecosystems (LiDAR, video, and V2X) to better serve smart cities, v2x, defense, robotics, drone delivery, and more.

Alexandra Reynolds
+1 309 737 7409

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Tignis Inc.

Tignis created the first programing language purpose-built to support AI analytics with IoT data – the Digital Twin Query Language (DTQL).  Their PAICe Builder and PAICe Monitor SaaS products shift IoT platforms into world-class AI-powered monitoring and process control solutions for mechanical, electrical, and chemical equipment or processes.  By greatly simplifying data pre-processing, model building, and production AI model management, DTQL makes AI accessible to non-data scientists.


Rich Barrus
Director of Marketing
+1 206 508 6874

Washington State. Leading the way in IoT.

With its leadership in artificial intelligence, machine learning, quantum computing and device integration, Washington State is well poised to take companies to new heights in the IoT space.

One of the secrets to our success in IoT is the culture of collaboration that is fueled by venture capital, bold entrepreneurs and rapid development cycles. New ideas are cross-pollinated between sectors, rapidly prototyped and brought to market. IoT concepts are being integrated into a new generation of electrified and autonomous vehicles and craft and artificial intelligence and clean technologies combine to create intelligent and predictive power grids and storage systems. The latest advances in technology and communications combine seamlessly with aerospace, life science, global health, maritime, clean tech and advanced manufacturing innovators.

Washington’s 14,000+ technology companies attract talent from all over the world. More than 300,000 information and communication workers are located in Washington; top-tier talent drawn to the state by its eclectic quality of life, world-class companies and the chance to be at the forefront of innovation and invention.

Expand your business internationally.

Washington State businesses understand the power of tapping overseas markets. Last year, $41.3 billion in goods were shipped worldwide by more than 12,000 businesses statewide, 90% of those small to medium-sized companies. 

An export expert is always nearby.

Exports drive much of the state’s economy. It’s estimated that nearly a third of the state’s economic growth can be attributed directly to exports and almost half of the new jobs created in the state are export related. Leading this growth in exports is the Department of Commerce, which works closely with businesses who are exporting now or want to export in the future.

Our IoT World 2021 Team

Our team of business experts stands at the ready to help you do business in and with Washington State. Whether you want to locate a new facility or partner with a leading edge Washington company, we are ready to help you expand.

Julie Monahan

Julie Monahan

International Trade Specialist

Washington State
Department of Commerce

+1 206 256 6147

Apply for an export voucher and reduce your export-related expenses

The Washington State Department of Commerce’s Export Voucher Program provides direct cash assistance to qualifying small businesses to help them expand their international sales.

The State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) is funded through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration.