Mobile World Congress

Feb. 26 – March 1, 2018

When it comes to best places to make a living based on income taxes, cost of living, unemployment and workplace environment, Washington is consistently recently ranked #1.

Washington State is the birthplace of such legendary businesses as Microsoft, Amazon, Cray, F5 Networks, Zillow and Expedia and home to more than 100 engineering offices for companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple, Salesforce, BestBuy, Alibaba and eBay. From the industry’s biggest names in mobile to small startups banking on the next big thing, nearly 200,000 people are employed in technology-related jobs in Washington, including game and app developers, programmers and software engineers.

The state’s ecosystem of innovation and invention is fed by venture capitalists, angels, incubators and workspaces, supported by cutting-edge R&D from our universities and fueled by a robust networking infrastructure and a passion for developing the most amazing products and services imaginable.

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AppPlanet Hall Stand 8.1 A11


ICT In-Depth

In-app messaging, surveys and rating prompts to engage and retain mobile customers.

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Tupl automates your most complex manual network operations and engineering processes.

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Data hosting and management solutions for manufacturers and vendors of connected (IoT) devices.

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Syntonic is transforming how consumers and businesses access applications and content across the mobile Internet.

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Offers powerful, cross-platform, device-agnostic integrative location sharing solutions for partners.

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Businesses in the state have been instrumental in putting a cell phone in your one hand and latte in the other, ushered in the age of personal computing, and redefined what it means to go to the “store.” Whether you’re a one-person startup bent on reinventing online entertainment or a multinational firm that wants to expand or invest in the U.S., our business experts in Washington State’s Department of Commerce are here to help.

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