World Smart Energy Week Decarbonization Expo

Washington State Delegates

16-18 March 2022 booth no. E7-11

Washington State Delegates

ZILA Works

ZILA Works is developing a bio-epoxy resin that has the potential to reduce carbon footprint by 75% compared to traditional petroleum-based epoxies. Our platform technology is applicable for a number of different applications from composites to coatings to adhesives. ZILA is currently scaling up our technology for a 100-snowboard pilot run, and to deliver samples to 10-15 additional manufacturers. We are also formulating for wind turbine blades and floor coatings with recyclability properties.  

Jason Puracal, CEO, is an experienced leader with over 15 years working in sustainable development, specializing in assembling and managing highly effective teams. Jason earned an MBA in Sustainable Business from Presidio University, a B.S. in Zoology, and a B.A. in Economics from the University of Washington. 

Jason Puracal

BattGenie, Inc.

BattGenie provides software solutions for battery management systems (BMS) of Li-ion batteries. BattGenie enables faster and safer charging (<20mins from 0-100%) and provides an improvement in cycle life in excess of 100% for electric vehicles, consumer electronics, and grid storage battery applications. BattGenie’s technology was developed using a $5M US DOE ARPA-E grant and independently tested and validated at a reputed third-party US national lab (NREL). BattGenie is already working with multiple EV, consumer electronics as well as battery manufacturing OEMs based out of the US, Europe as well as Southeast Asia, and generating revenue from them. The technology was developed in the R&D labs of Prof. Venkat Subramanian, who is currently at UT-Austin. BattGenie’s algorithms can readily work with the existing hardware platforms on board any system without requiring any hardware upgrades. BattGenie has already demonstrated its algorithms on a range of microcontrollers as well as shown performance improvement on batteries with multiple chemistries, manufacturers, and form-factors at single cells as well as 2.2kWh battery modules. 

Manan Pathak 

Blue Dot Motorworks

Even if we phase out non-EV production by 2027, we will exceed a 1.5 C and even 2 C carbon budget. Retrofit Plug-in Hybrid technology from Blue Dot Motorworks enables us to achieve our climate targets by addressing all five obstacles to electrification: manufacturing cost; battery production; charging infrastructure; embodied carbon; and the wealth destroyed by prematurely scrapping existing cars. Our patented vehicle-agnostic technology is uniquely manufacturable and deployable at a scale equal to the challenge. 

Tom is an MIT mechanical engineer with a 22-year record of innovation addressing significant world problems. He has impacted sectors ranging from healthcare, to global sanitation, to climate change. He singlehandedly conceived, engineered, and fabricated the Blue Dot Motorworks technology that is poised to revolutionize the decarbonization of driving. 

Tom Gurski 
+1 206-457-3428 


Emissol develops emission control technologies for vehicles and other sources as well as carbon capture technologies. Our technologies work across a range of operating conditions, helping create a cleaner environment and meeting stringent emission regulations while saving substantial costs. 

Dr. Masoudi, Emissol’s founder, has worked for four major global companies (Corning, Delphi, Bosch, and PACCAR) in various engineering capacities including Senior Project Manager and Manager of Advanced Powertrain Technologies. He has extensive international business experience including working with major automotive clients in various global regions.   
Mansour Masoudi
+1 (425) 231-1686

Hexas Biomass Inc.

Hexas Biomass Inc. is a producer and supplier of regenerative, plant-based raw material that can substitute for wood and fossil fuel-based feedstocks in multiple applications like bioenergy, fiberboards, textiles, pulp & paper, biochemicals, and more. We produce our raw material from our proprietary giant perennial grass called Xano Grass™. 

Wendy Owens, Founder, and CEO of Hexas Biomass is a serial entrepreneur with experience across multiple industries. Hexas combines her background in materials engineering and biotechnology with a passion to save the Earth. 

Wendy Owens
+1 360-890-0775


LiloTree is an advanced materials technology company, providing next-generation technology solutions through chemistry and materials innovations. Based in Redmond, Washington, we manufacture  Ni-less ENIG-Premium & ENIG-Premium, eco-friendly patented plating solutions offering optimum performance and better reliability at a lower cost for electronic assemblies. 

Kunal Shah, PhD., is the President and Chief Scientist at LiloTree. Dr. Shah had worked as Sr. Research Scientist at Intel Corporation and the Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL). He has authored several scientific papers and issued/pending patents over two decades. He earned his Doctorate in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Florida, USA. 

Kunal Shah, PhD.
425 780 2732

REBIRTH Analytics

Convert your disparate data into informed business decisions. 
Risks are connected. So are the solutions.  

It’s easy to predict and report on one type of risk, but the problem is that those reports don’t take the many other types of risk into account. Your company could be vulnerable to disruption as those risks compound and influence one another. Additionally, risks can merge, creating a super-disruptor event.  

Rebirth Analytics is uniquely positioned to support the important goals of COP26. Our ability to dive deeply into Nth degree suppliers, extract insights from multiple risk categories and deliver them to you quickly in a report designed to help your internal teams, senior leadership and board of directors be able to make immediate data-driven decisions. 

Chonchol Gupta  
Chief Executive Officer 

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