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Washington State is a melting pot of people, companies and ideas that has reshaped the way we think, shop, travel, entertain and communicate. Coming up with the Next Big Thing is what we do, from world-famous brands like Amazon to new scalable clean energy solutions.

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The economy is changing all around us and Washington State is dedicated to remaining at the head of the pack when it comes to new promising new industries. From the Creative Economy to industrial symbiosis and innovation cluster accelerators, we are defining the future at every turn.

Clean Energy

An ambitious goal

When it comes to reducing our carbon footprint, Washington State has set a high bar. Currently, 73% of the state’s energy comes from clean energy sources, primarily hydroelectric, wind and solar. But that’s only the beginning.

100% reliance on non-carbon emitting energy.

The Governor and the state legislature have set 2045 as the year Washington must use 100% renewable or nuclear resources2030, utilities must utilize an electric resource portfolio that is greenhouse gas neutral. To comply, at least 80% of electricity must be from renewable sources or non-emitting power. Other emission reductions must offset any use of natural gas to produce electricity.

State Energy Strategy provides the roadmap.

the 2021 State Energy Strategy identifies a comprehensive set of policies and actions to ensure competitive energy prices, foster a clean energy economy, and meet the state’s science-based greenhouse gas reduction limits.

Promising new technologies in development.

Researchers, energy companies and state agencies are working together on new sources of power, including hydrogen, biofuels and electric power platforms for aircraft and watercraft to further reduce the state’s carbon footprint.

The overflow of the dam at Long Lake

In the News…

Hydrogen is in the air.
Hydrogen is in the air.

Universal Hydrogen is taking advantage of the 13,500-foot runway in Moses Lake to prove that hydrogen could be the fuel of the future for commercial aircraft. The company’s converted De Havilland Dash 8 spun up its propellers for the first time this month. The plane,...

A quantum leap for Washington.
A quantum leap for Washington.

The potential of quantum computing is virtually unlimited, in part because it’s based on physics theories that were science fiction just a few years ago. Maryland-based IonQ plans to turn fiction into fact with a new 65,000-square-foot research and manufacturing...

Today’s sci-fiction is tomorrow’s…
Today’s sci-fiction is tomorrow’s…

A flying boat skimming the lakes of Saturn’s Titan moon? Impossible, you say? Well, we’re sure that the lunar rover astronauts drove around the moon was pretty outlandish when Boeing proposed it to NASA in the 1960s. The uncrewed TitanAir probe was one of three...

office hours

M-F: 8am - 5pm


2001 Sixth Ave., Suite 2600, Seattle, WA  98121


(206) 256-6100