An engineer designs a new chip on a computer.When it comes to manufacturing, tech is where it’s at these days. Just ask the folks in Clark County where chips manufacturing (not the potato kind) is big business.

So much so that the state has invested $300,000 to help Analog Devices, Inc., one of the county’s premier tech companies, train and upskill workers at their Camas facility. ADI is a global integrated circuit designer and manufacturer that uses analog, digital and software technologies to drive advancements in a range of industries, from factories to healthcare.

Such cutting-edge exploration of the potential of such technologies doesn’t come cheap, and the state’s investment through the Governor’s Strategic Reserve Fund is intended to help companies like ADI prepare for CHIPS Act federal funding. Clark County is one of Washington’s strongholds in tech manufacturing, particularly chips and microelectronic fabrication.

The Columbia River Economic Development Council (CREDC), Clark County’s associate development organization, was instrumental in securing the state funds for ADI.

“CREDC is proud to play an essential role in bringing reinvestment in chips and microelectronic fabrication facilities to our region. Our work educating state and national-level policymakers on the global chips industry continues to shape local opportunity as evidenced by today’s announcement of our partnership with ADI and Commerce,” said Jen Baker, President and CEO of CREDC.

The investment enables ADI to upskill its growing workforce, allowing employees to gain skills in operating modernized manufacturing tools, inputs, and processes and provide for more sustainable growth using more energy-efficient practices, according to company representatives.

The SRF award is a testament to the strong collaboration between CREDC, ADI, and the State Department of Commerce, reflecting the strategic importance of the semiconductor and microelectronics industry in Washington. CREDC led ADI in meeting the rigorous requirements of the SRF process throughout a months-long process.

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