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Reducing the cost of doing business.

Washington wants to do business with you. True, we may not have the deep pockets some other states have, but we’ll gladly stack our world-class workforce, inspirational lifestyle, culture of creativity and low-cost energy up against anyone else in the U.S. and show you why Washington State is a smart choice.

We do offer businesses a range of incentives that are geared toward specific industries that are high growth and which fit into our sector-based strategy for economic prosperity.

Some of these incentives come in the form of tax credits, exemptions or deferrals for specific activities, such as adding new equipment, investing in new technologies or energy sources, or building new manufacturing facilities or hiring workers in rural communities.

If you are interested in growing or expanding your business in the state, our Business Development team can help you identify which incentives fit your business model so that you can use the exemptions and deferrals to your advantage, reducing your tax burden in the process.

To get you started, we’ve posted links on the right to the various incentives offered by the state. If you have questions about any specific incentives, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Business Development team. Call (206) 256-6100 and they will be happy to get you an answer.


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