Collaborate, innovate and succeed.

Collaboration and innovation are the dual roads that lead to success in the marketplace. Recognizing the power of partnering with like minded companies and individuals, Washington has launched Innovation Partnership Zones (IPZ) around the state.

Businesses wanting to do business here have the option of locating in one of these zones, which offers a unique environment that brings research, workforce training and private sector businesses together in close geographical proximity to create new companies, products and jobs.

IPZs are set up by cluster, including aerospace, clean energy, medical devices, interactive media, water management and even wine and hospitality. Each IPZ is sited to take advantage of the region's pool of talent, resources and entrepreneurism.

For businesses, IPZs can be a smart business move. Each IPZ offers university researchers who work closely with their private sector partners to develop prototypes, incubate start-ups, develop critical training programs and pool best practices in order to blaze new trails in innovation.

If your business is interested in being involved in one of the 14 Innovation Partnership Zones around the state, contact one of our Business Development team members to discuss IPZs and how your business can be located in one. Got a general question about IPZs in Washington State? Call (206) 256-6100 or email for information.

2015 IPZ Designation and Re-Designation Information

IPZ Legislative Reports

  • 2014 Report (pdf format)

  • 2012 Report (pdf format)

  • 2010 Report (pdf format)

  • IPZs and Business Plans

    To view IPZ business plans (they will open as PDF files), click on the IPZ location (bold blue text) below.