Training the workforce of the future.

Washington State is consistently singled out for its legendary pool of talent. One of the reasons for this is the public-private partnerships found throughout the state that focus on providing current workers with the skills they need to succeed as well as training the workforce of the future, providing skill sets that will be needed throughout the 21st century. Following are some of the programs responsible for creating the workforce of the future in Washington State.

Washington Work Start is ideal for businesses that are making significant investments in new business activities and expansion strategies or are expanding their operations into the Washington State and need employees with specific skill sets or competencies.

Our Centers of Excellence are flagship institutions that build and sustain Washington's competitive advantage through statewide leadership. Each center focuses on a specific key sector that drives the state's economy and is built upon a reputation for fast, flexible, quality education and training programs. A targeted industry is identified as one that is strategic to the economic growth of a region or state. There are a total of 11 centers, ranging from aerospace to advanced manufacturing.

IMPACT Washington is a statewide program that helps businesses become more competitive and profitable. It is staffed by seasoned industry professionals with expertise in a diverse range of industries, products and services.  From lean manufacturing to marketing, the program provides one-on-one consultations, customized training and educational seminars.

The Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board maintains a statewide network of offices that work closely with community leaders, employers, job seekers and unions to create healthy and stable economies and identify workforce gaps to ensure the state has a steady supply of highly skilled workers in key sectors.  As a state agency, the Workforce Board oversees a workforce development system that includes 18 education and training programs receiving almost $1 billion annually in state and federal funds.The results include employer-driven job training, job seeker service and strategic planning.

The Workforce Development Council helps residents become employed, re-enter the workforce or move ahead in their careers.  The WDC is a statewide network of offices established to collaborate with community leaders, employers, job seekers and unions.  Their mission is to create healthy and stable economies and identify workforce gaps.  The results include employer-driven job training, job seeker services, and strategic planning.

If your company needs a customized training program, our Job Skills Program can help you connect with a local community college to design and teach it. The program creates employment opportunities in communities with high unemployment rates, high rates of poverty, and communities impacted by large-scale job loss. JSP funds half of the training cost; partner employers provide a cash or in-kind match to fund the other half.

The Washington Customized Training Program can also provide you with employee-training that is delivered at the local community college, technical center or private career college level. Eligible programs can include skills assessment, evaluation, training equipment, materials, facilities, supplies and provide training in basic education and skills, technical skills and job-related instruction, and English as a second language. This particular program allows you to pay for the training, in part, with a business and occupation tax credit, so you must be a Washington State business to qualify.

Workforce College offers Washington businesses a one-stop resource for employee training at 34 Community and Technical Colleges across the state. Businesses can search for colleges that provide training in a particular subject and request proposals for customized training.

A division of Washington State Employment Security Department, WorkSource is an invaluable resource for employers, providing in-depth labor information about the Washington job market.