A large container ship at the NW Port Seaport Alliance facility in Seattle arrives to unload containers.

Expand your business internationally.

Washington State businesses understand the power of tapping overseas markets. Last year, $61 billion in goods were shipped worldwide by more than 12,000 businesses statewide, 90% of those small- to medium-sized companies. Not surprising, given that Washington’s location, geography and exports know-how make it the ideal place to set up an export business.

Tucked away in the Northwest corner of the United States, bordering Canada, Oregon, Idaho and the Pacific Ocean, Washington is equidistant between key Asian and European markets. It is also a day or two closer to Asian ports via Pacific shipping routes than other west coast ports.

While the state is known worldwide for its aircraft, timber, apples, wine and software, exporters also ship an amazing array of goods, from alloys and hay to composites and robotics to 215 countries.

Washington State is blessed with a superb waterway transportation system, connecting exporters to the Pacific Ocean and beyond through 75 public ports, including the Port of Seattle and Port of Tacoma, our two largest shipping centers. Eleven of these are deep water ports. Exporters also have ac­cess to 139 regional airports as well as 3,666 miles of railways to connect them throughout North America, Central America and South America.

The state has 11 foreign trade zones that offer businesses that distribute or manufacture products that are exported substantial competitive advantages, including simplified processing, and in some cases, zero taxes or duties due on exported goods.

An export expert is always nearby.

Exports are drive much of the state’s economy. It’s estimated that nearly a third of the state’s economic growth can be attributed directly to exports and almost half of the new jobs created in the state are export related. Leading this growth in exports is the Department of Commerce, which works closely with businesses who are exporting now or want to export in the future.

The department offers businesses export assistance, in most cases, at no cost. Tapping their vast experience in exporting, our business specialists can help you with market intelligence, a list of poten­tial buyers and/or distributors, trade leads, partner searches, matchmaking meetings, finance options, trade missions and trade shows, advocacy and export documentation.

International Trade Representation

Choose Washington as your export HQ.

Whether you’re new to exporting or a seasoned pro, Washington State and the Department of Commerce make it easy to ship your products and services around the world.

Not only do we offer you a superb logistical infrastruc­ture, but we support you with the knowledge and know-how needed to expand into new markets and reach new customers. As you know, many cultures require government-level introductions and support and we can help you open those doors.

Choose Washington to grow your business, expand your markets globally and increase revenue. To find out how we can help, contact one of our business experts!

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