A competitive tax rate.

Through tax incentives, deferrals, credits and offsets targeted to specific high growth industries, Washington State offers highly successful businesses a competitive advantage few states can offer.

Washington does not have a corporate income tax. Instead, a Business & Occupation (B&O) tax is calculated on the gross income from activities. This means there are no deductions from the B&O tax for labor, materials, taxes, or other costs of doing business. The more profitable a company becomes, the more profits it keeps since the rate is based on gross, not net income.

The state’s overall taxation is relatively low compared to other states:

Washington National Average
Unemployment Insurance .6 – 5.84% 0 – 15.09%
Worker’s Comp Index Rate 2.11% 1.01 – 3.01%
Corporate Income Tax 0 15 – 35%
Sales Tax 6.5% 0 – 7.5%
Average Property Tax (as % of income) 2.91%


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