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Washington State is a melting pot of people, companies and ideas that has reshaped the way we think, shop, travel, entertain and communicate. Coming up with the Next Big Thing is what we do, from world-famous brands like Amazon to new scalable clean energy solutions.

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The economy is changing all around us and Washington State is dedicated to remaining at the head of the pack when it comes to new promising new industries. From the Creative Economy to industrial symbiosis and innovation cluster accelerators, we are defining the future at every turn.

Information Technology

#1 in U.S. Tech Workers

Tech workers make up 9.4% of the state’s total workforce, the highest in the nation. That’s 1 in 10 workers. The national average is 5.4%.

Tech accounts for 21.8% of the state's economy.

The industry accounts for $138.7 billion of total GDP, which is the highest percentage in the U.S.

Nearly 60% of state exports is tech-related.

57% of services exported by the state are technology-related, nearly double second-place Massachusetts.

18,000 tech companies.

Nearly 350,000 workers are employed in tech-related jobs statewide. The state leads the nation in the net percentage of new tech positions. 24% of total wages paid to employees are tied to the tech sector.

Codes shares the screen with a male programmer in the center of the photo.

In the News…

Alice in Orderland.
Alice in Orderland.

How could we resist? Eviation’s new all-electric aircraft is heading down a rabbit hole of new orders. The latest firm to sign on is U.K. regional aircraft lessor MONTE, who announced they would order up to 30 of the commuter aircraft for their operations. That brings...

Major biofuel project announced.
Major biofuel project announced.

Sustainable aviation fuels are a major push in Washington State. So much so that legislation was just signed into law that provides SAF, as it is known, with subsidies and speeds up permitting for plant construction. That was enough to tip the scale for SkyNRG, a...

An electrifying development.
An electrifying development.

First SpaceX. Now Tesla? Rumors abound about what the Elon Musk company plans to do with its new 245,000-square-foot plant in Marysville. The city has confirmed that architectural plans have been submitted for the company to improve the site for offices and...

office hours

M-F: 8am - 5pm


2001 Sixth Ave., Suite 2600, Seattle, WA  98121


(206) 256-6100