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10 Great Reasons to Choose Washington

The coffee’s not bad either.

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800 multinational firms are in Washington.
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Washington State is easy to get to and easy to get around.

Washington State: Building Business Legends

The birthplace of such legendary businesses as Amazon, Boeing, Costco, Expedia, Microsoft, Nordstrom, PACCAR, REI and Starbucks, Washington State offers businesses, site selectors and investors a critical mass of highly skilled workers in the aerospace, agriculture, clean technology, information & communication technology (ICT), forest products, life science/global health and maritime sectors. Our culture of creativity and collaboration brought the world the age of jet travel, spawned an international coffee culture with a language all its own, built digital empires out of slivers of silicon and strings of binary code, and in the process, fundamentally changed the way people around the world shop, travel, eat, drink, relax, dress and think.


Leading the way in COVID-19.

A researcher examines a vile during t-cell studies

One of the world’s most respected research organizations, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is at the forefront of efforts to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. “The Hutch” is focusing on tracking the spread of the virus, developing new diagnostic tests, designing vaccine trials and combatting future outbreaks.

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Starting a business is exciting stuff. If you’re thinking about striking out on your own, we have a new diagnostic tool designed with you in mind. SizeUp! lets you do a lot of the ground work, from running revenue scenarios to finding an ideal location for your new enterprise. Best of all, it’s free!

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Best State Economy

In The News…

We’ll take #3 in recovery speed.

As the country looks to turn the corner on the pandemic and enter full economic recovery, Washington is well-positioned, says 24/7 Wall St., a financial reporting and analysis firm. The state’s economy was booming before COVID-19, with a 3.9% GDP growth rate for the...

Go ahead, take my money!

Ecommerce is a smart growth strategy for small businesses affected by the pandemic. Many companies have already taken the plunge, creating online storefronts for businesses that have had to temporarily close or reduce operations. If you have a store already or have...

Bust? What bust?

Business pundits love to kick a bustling economy when it’s down. But the future of the Puget Sound economy is showing astounding resiliency no matter what labels prognosticators want to throw its way. Bloggers and columnists are trying to paint an economic future that...

Innovation is in Tasso’s blood.

Even in a pandemic, great ideas rise to the top. In Tasso’s case, their push-button blood gathering device just netted a $17 million round of funding. The idea itself is rather straightforward. Instead of poking a needle into your vein to get a blood sample, you place...

Washington snags $40.5 million Alzheimer’s research center.

Washington’s reputation for cutting-edge research has attracted a new Alzheimer’s research center that will map brains ravaged by the disease to trace new patterns for early diagnosis and treatment. Headquartered at the Allen Institute, the new center draws on the...

A pivot, personified!

You’d think that a company celebrating its 100th year in business would be pretty stodgy and unbending. But not UMC, Inc. Founded in 1920, the Mukilteo company has been through the Great Depression, a world war, the infamous “will the last one leaving Seattle turn out...

Face shields? Yeah, we can do that!

Inspired by Washington 3D printing hobbyists who designed their own face shield, Amazon asked its mechanical design and hardware teams in their Prime Air division to see if they could do one, too. Yes, design and production may appear to be outside of Amazon’s...

Catching our breath.

If there was ever a right time and a right place, Washington’s Ventec Life Systems would be in it. As the nation is held in the grip of a global pandemic, the shortage of ventilators has become sadly apparent. Currently, there are only 160,000 ventilators in the...

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