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800 multinational firms are in Washington. Are you 801?

The birthplace of such business legends as Amazon, Boeing, Costco, Expedia, Microsoft, Nordstrom, PACCAR, REI and Starbucks, Washington State offers businesses, site selectors and investors a critical mass of highly skilled workers in aerospace, agriculture, clean technology, information & communication technology (ICT), forest products, life science/global health and maritime. Our culture of creativity and collaboration brought the world the age of jet travel, spawned an international coffee culture with a language all its own, built digital empires out of slivers of silicon and strings of binary code, and in the process, fundamentally changed the way people around the world shop, travel, eat, drink, relax, dress and think.

This business keeps on truckin’…

A Kenworth truck, part of Paccar's transportation network, heads down the highway.
Sure, Washington leads the way in airplane production, but did you know it’s also a major player in ground transportation? Paccar, Inc. dominates the medium- and heavy-duty truck manufacturing market with its world-famous brands. Can autonomous Kenworth and Peterbilt 18-wheelers be in its future? That’s a big 10-4 good buddy!

See how Paccar rolls…

A handbook for local investment

The cover of the Washington Dollars, Washington Sense book

Washington’s Office of Economic Development & Competitiveness has released a new book, filled with great ideas for investors, rural and underserved communities and entrepreneurs to build wealth in their own communities through local investment.

Check out Washington Dollars, Washington Sense – it’s free!

Search properties and more…

Three plastic darts are stuck in a map, showing a potential city for a business
Commerce has added a new suite of site selector planning and data tools to the ChooseWashington.com website. Search properties and build sites, run community comparisons, view and analyze data and access interactive maps based on your custom parameters.

Check it out now!



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In The News…

Seattle gets a big hygge.

When it comes to being hygge, the number crunchers at Sperlings.com have spoken. The greater Seattle area captured #1 honors in the nation, dusting every other major city in four main categories - cozy weather, hygge pastimes, hygge venues and homes with fireplaces....

New virtual reality lab opens at UW.

A $6 million infusion of capital from Facebook, Google and Huawei has allowed the University of Washington to open a new virtual reality and augmented reality research hub. The UW Reality Hub is one of the first of its kind at a major university and is housed in the...

Blue Origin buys more land to expand.

Washington's commercial space cluster keeps growing by leaps and bounds. The latest announcement comes from Blue Origin, which purchased 31 acres of property near their current world headquarters in Kent, Washington for expansion. The four parcels sold for $14 million...

Governor Inslee forms new aircraft council.

Governor Inslee has formed a new Choose Washington NMA Council (a great name, BTW) to show Boeing why they should build their new middle-of-the-market plane in Washington State.  The council hopes to show Boeing that building the new plane in Washington makes the best...

The nuts and bolts of fighting rust.

A revolution in materials along side advances in manufacturing techniques is creating an industry sector focused on higher performance, increased safety and lower costs. Washington State businesses like Seattle-based Modumetal are on the leading edge of redefining...

93% of all jobs? Well, technically!

Looking at all the construction cranes dotting the skyline, it's hard not to notice that there's a technology boom going on in Seattle right now. But a new report by the real estate firm CBRE confirms it, noting that an astonishing 93% of all downtown office jobs in...

New CLT plant in Spokane Valley to break ground.

Katerra is breaking ground on a new plant in Spokane Valley that will soon be turning out cross-laminated timber (CLT) and glulam, materials that can be used to replace concrete and steel in high-rise buildings. The 250,000 square foot factory will eventually employ...

The future: robots building complex aircraft.

For over a century, Washington State aerospace innovators have been pioneering new materials and methods for manufacturing commercial aircraft. The future of advanced manufacturing belongs to those who design and build robots that will populate the factories. MTorres,...

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