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The birthplace of such legendary businesses as Amazon, Boeing, Costco, Expedia, Microsoft, Nordstrom, PACCAR, REI and Starbucks, Washington State offers businesses, site selectors and investors a critical mass of highly skilled workers in the aerospace, agriculture, clean technology, information & communication technology (ICT), forest products, life science/global health and maritime sectors. Our culture of creativity and collaboration brought the world the age of jet travel, spawned an international coffee culture with a language all its own, built digital empires out of slivers of silicon and strings of binary code, and in the process, fundamentally changed the way people around the world shop, travel, eat, drink, relax, dress and think.


Everything’s shipshape here.

A Holland America cruise ship leaves Seattle for another cruise to Alaska.

How did a 150-year-old Dutch shipping line end up in Washington State? The story of Holland America is stranger than fiction and definitely not a sailor’s yarn. Holland America single-handedly transformed the Alaska cruise business, decades before the Love Boat made such a splash.

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Yes, we have space for you.

Opening screen of video showing astronaut and the title, "Washington State: A Bold Vision for Commercial Space

Washington is famed for its aerospace industry, but did you know that we’ve been an integral part of the space program for more than 60 years? We’ve worked on some of the biggest missions in U.S. history – from landing on the moon to exploring Pluto – and now we’ve set our sights on commercial space and its endless opportunities for visionary Washington companies.

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In The News…

HQ2? Who knew?

Salesforce obviously knows a good deal when they see it. The company agreed last week to acquire Tableau, a data visualization company for $15.7 billion, announcing in the process that Seattle will now be considered Salesforce’s official HQ2.Putting aside the gentle...

AI connects smoking with SUIDs.

Washington's reputation for collaboration between different sectors is well known. But some of these partnerships are having a surprising effect on issues that once appeared to have no answer.Such is the case of Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID), which claims...

We hate to brag, but…

We’re #1. Again! For the second year in a row, Washington has been named the #1 Best State Economy in the U.S.Overall, Washington scored 77.60 out of 100 possible points. Land-locked Utah was a distant second, followed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.Washington...

Robots at the core of this year’s apple harvest.

If you’re driving through apple country in Washington this fall, don’t be surprised if you end up doing a double take.No, it’s not your imagination and those aren’t invaders from another planet trying to steal Washington’s prized apples.They’re robots, designed to...

Redmond’s SpaceX does launch.

SpaceX made headlines with its launch of 60 new satellites recently. But did you know those satellites were built in the company’s Redmond, Washington production facility?When it was announced in 2015, CEO Elon Musk said the new development office would be dedicated...

They said it best…

We could use up a boatload of superlatives to tell you why Washington is the best place to do business. But we’ll let U.S. News & World Report do the heavy lifting instead. The publication just ranked Washington #1 in its annual Best States report.As reasons for...

All eyes are on Othello.

The world’s largest manufacturer of potato specialties is about to double its footprint in Othello, Washington. McCain Foods USA Inc. has announced plans to invest $300 million in the facility, which will add 170,000 square feet of production space and create about...

In a crisis, the world turns to Washington.

Thirty-three years ago, a straightforward safety test at a nuclear plant outside the city of Pripyat in Ukraine went awry. Today, the very word Chernobyl conjures up images of bustling cities that became ghost towns overnight and large plumes of radioactive material...

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