Washington State: Building Business Legends

  • Washington: An Overview

    Find out more about our climate, geography, history lifestyle and reasons to Choose Washington.

  • A Smart Investment

    We're attracting some of the biggest names in business for some very good reasons.

  • Globally Connected

    We're a direct flight away from nearly anywhere in the world.

  • A Thriving Economy

    Our sector-based strategy is driving exponential growth.

  • And The Living Is Easy

    Our inspirational lifestyle and stunning scenery are irresistable.

The birthplace of such business legends as Amazon, Boeing, Costco, Expedia, Microsoft, Nordstrom, PACCAR, Starbucks and REI, Washington State offers site selectors and investors a critical mass of highly skilled workers in aerospace, advanced manufacturing, clean technology, information & communication technology (ICT), life science/global health and maritime. Our culture of creativity and collaboration brought the world the age of jet travel, spawned an international coffee culture with a language all its own, built digital empires out of slivers of silicon and strings of binary code, and in the process, fundamentally changed the way people around the world shop, travel, eat, drink, relax, dress and think.

Keep clam...

Founded by showman and folk singer Ivar Haglund, this group of legendary seafood restaurants is not only noted for their delicious clam chowder and fish 'n' chips, but their often outlandish promotions. Ivar's has captured the very essence of Washington's unique pioneer spirit and quirky traditions for nearly 80 years.

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Yeah, we invented that!


Every state wants to lay claim to inventing one thing or another. But the truth is, Washington State has invented some pretty amazing stuff over the years, including down parkas, the kidney dialysis machine, pickleball, Instant Breakfast, bone marrow transplantation, the Slinky Dog and a whole lot more.

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Economic Gardening


To help Washington small businesses grow statewide, the Department of Commerce has created the Economic Gardening program, which provides qualifying "second-stage" companies with consulting, data and intelligence that can help them reach the next level of growth and expansion.

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