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Washington State is a melting pot of people, companies and ideas that has reshaped the way we think, shop, travel, entertain and communicate. Coming up with the Next Big Thing is what we do, from world-famous brands like Amazon to new scalable clean energy solutions.

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Businesses around the world are investing billions in Washington’s economy and its future. See who’s who in foreign direct investment across the state.

Information Technology

#1 in U.S. Tech Workers

Tech workers make up 9.4% of the state’s total workforce, the highest in the nation. That’s 1 in 10 workers. The national average is 5.4%.

Tech accounts for 21.8% of the state's economy.

The industry accounts for $138.7 billion of total GDP, which is the highest percentage in the U.S.

Nearly 60% of state exports is tech-related.

57% of services exported by the state are technology-related, nearly double second-place Massachusetts.

18,000 tech companies.

Nearly 350,000 workers are employed in tech-related jobs statewide. The state leads the nation in the net percentage of new tech positions. 24% of total wages paid to employees are tied to the tech sector.

Codes shares the screen with a male programmer in the center of the photo.

In the News…

And we thought paper airplanes were cool…
And we thought paper airplanes were cool…

Even though it is an ancient art, many of us equate folded paper with the boats, planes, hats and fortune tellers we made from our homework assignments. Well, that truly was kid’s play compared to what researchers at the University of Washington are doing with...

AI? It’s a no-brainer.
AI? It’s a no-brainer.

Washington is known the world over for its tech industry. Some 18,000 businesses – from industry juggernauts Amazon and Microsoft – to small two-person startups are located around the state. But when it comes to getting some love from the media for its infinite...

This food will give us gas.
This food will give us gas.

A new facility in southwest Washington is going to have an awfully big appetite. The new 66,000-square-foot facility being developed by Divert will be able to take up to 100,000 tons of discarded and unsellable food waste from grocery stores and turn it into renewable...

office hours

M-F: 8am - 5pm


2001 Sixth Ave., Suite 2600, Seattle, WA  98121


(206) 256-6100