computers-cleanenergyCloud computing is made possible by installations of huge servers processing the big data that allows us all to stay connected. These server farms demand enormous amounts of energy.

Two Washington State companies,  Microsoft and Amazon,  are world leaders in cloud computing capacity.  So it makes sense that they are turning to more cost-effective clean energy sources to power the cloud.

Microsoft is testing an underwater data center that will allow seawater to both cool the servers and potentially tap into tidal energy to provide power. Read more in Geekwire. Additional information can be found in The Seattle Times.

Amazon Web Services is pioneering the use of renewable energy for its power needs. Amazon has partnered with a wind farm in the midwest to help them move towards a 100% use of clean energy to power their cloud servers. Read more in Geekwire.

Washington State has been a leader in expanding uses of clean energy. The state legislature has mandated that future power must come from new energy sources – wind, tidal, biomass, biofuel and solar.  Washington State’s clean energy companies are developing cutting-edge energy solutions such as: jet biofuels from wood waste, new energy storage systems and software to efficiently manage large scale energy use.

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