Financial resources for you business.

Having ready access to capital is essential for business success these days. Whether its short- or long-term loans, public monies for important infrastructure improvements or even funding to clean up once polluted and unusable lands, Washington State has a range of funding opportunities available to state businesses.

The Community Economic Revitalization Board oversees grants to local and regional municipalities that can improve infrastructure, whether it's roads, ports, power, water or Internet connectivity. Eligible projects typically benefit communities or public entities by creating jobs and economic vitality at the local level.

Washington offers three programs through the Washington Small Business Credit Initiative (WSBCI), including CAP, which helps small businesses that are having trouble getting conventional business loans; Craft3, which serves traditionally underserved businesses that need funding; and finally, the W Fund, which is geared toward start-ups and companies emerging from state universities and research centers.

These bonds are ideal for businesses building or expanding manufacturing and processing facilities as they usually offer companies lower interest loans than are otherwise available on the open market.

Brownfields are designed to provide financing for properties that require extensive cleanup and reclamation due to contamination. The Brownfields Coalition, which offers this low interest funding option, can also work with owners and developers to streamline permitting at the local, regional and national level.