Everyone knows that Washington State is the birthplace of commercial aircraft design and production, but smaller specialized product design and manufacturing is thriving here as well. The highly skilled engineering and software talent pool in Washington supports the development of cutting-edge technologies that are having an impact worldwide.

Wildlife Computers, Zetron, Laser Techniques and Microvision are four of Washington’s smaller manufacturers who have become world leaders in their specialized technologies. From devices monitoring animal migration patterns and complex aerospace communication systems, to laser-based measurement tools and palm-sized laser image projectors these companies are part of the robust advanced manufacturing eco-system in Washington State.

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Washington’s culture of collaboration and pioneering spirit have fostered a wealth of inventions across all industry sectors. The US Patent and Trademark Office reports Washington companies obtain 5.233 patents per 1,000 residents.  Washington’s top-tier institutions, the University of Washington and Washington State University, along with the Pacific Northwest National Lab support the research and training that move new ideas successfully to market.

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