MSFt-KukaImagine the manufacturing world and the IT world working hand in hand. As advanced manufacturing moves more extensively into the era of robotics it becomes critical for data from robot movements on the factory floor to be collected and made accessible for monitoring and evaluation by workers on a variety of devices. Microsoft’s cloud computing systems are now streaming data from robots designed by German company Kuka that will be building Boeing aircraft at the new 777X plant in Everett, Washington.

Using Microsoft’s cloud computing technology, Kuka’s sensitive robots can recognize authorized users and interact directly with workers. This convergence of cutting-edge technology and innovative manufacturing allows for human/robot co-working to quickly identify problems in production, draw on expert knowledge remotely and find solutions that can minimize impact on supply chains and production.

This is another example of the culture of collaboration that is the hallmark of the Washington State business community. Read more about Microsoft and robotic aircraft production in the Puget Sound Business Journal and Geekwire.

This collaboration between Microsoft and Kuka robots is being demonstrated at Hannover Messe, the world’s largest manufacturing showcase. Also at the Hannover trade show, Washington State Department of Commerce has brought seven clean tech and manufacturing companies to showcase their capabilities. Read more about these Washington State companies also attending Hannover.