XC_yskisWe have the smart phone, the smart home, smart shoes and now the smart ski. Seattle-based K2 Sports has been pioneering ski technology for over 50 years. Some of their latest models have an embedded RFI (radio frequency identification) chip in the skis. The benefit is two-fold. First, a salesperson can use customized tablet software to input the customer’s specifications (height, weight, ski style, skill level and ability) and it will point them to the skis that best suits them. Second, with a smartphone app the skier can input weather and snow conditions and it will match the info with their personal ski profile advising the skier on optimal waxing choices.  Read more in the Seattle Times.

Washington State has over 14,000 app and mobile tech development companies. Our pioneering spirit and culture of collaboration continue to keep Washington’s technology community on the cutting edge. The Washington State Department of Commerce is leading a delegation of mobile app developers to GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in early March.

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