Robot - artificial intelligenceWashington State-based artificial intelligence and machine learning companies are staying ahead of the curve., a spinoff from Paul Allen’s Institute for Artificial Intelligence, has developed a widely used platform that utilizes natural conversational speech to power artificial intelligence functions created by developers across industry sectors. is now part of the China-based search engine company Baidu. Read more in Geekwire.

Washington’s competitive edge in these new technologies lies with the extensive pool of talent and proximity to leading research organizations such as the Allen Institute for Brain Science, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and University of Washington research centers. As well as being a pioneer in cloud computing, Washington State has nearly 200,000 people working in 14,000 technology-related companies. The result is a fresh, ever-changing cross-pollination of ideas and expertise.

Later this month the Washington State Department of Commerce is leading a trade mission to Japan featuring 11 Washington companies that are leaders in AI, machine learning, chatbot design, data analysis and visualization, and other leading edge technologies.

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