Photo courtesy of Eviation

How could we resist? Eviation’s new all-electric aircraft is heading down a rabbit hole of new orders. The latest firm to sign on is U.K. regional aircraft lessor MONTE, who announced they would order up to 30 of the commuter aircraft for their operations. That brings total orders for the nine-passenger Alice to 300.

Small wonder Alice would land so many orders so fast. As the only flight-proven all-electric aircraft in its size class, the zero carbon emitting plane has a per-flight hour operating cost that’s a fraction of its fuel guzzling competitors.

Powered by magniX’s new magni650 electric motors, the sleek-looking craft is what the industry calls a clean-sheet design. It is a new concept from the ground up, designed to help the industry meet the threat of climate change by adopting bold new ideas in airframes, materials and propulsion.

Given Washington’s historic leadership in aircraft design and production and its commitment to cutting its own emissions substantially by 2045, Alice is an example of the new directions the state’s aerospace industry is going.

“Passing the $4 billion threshold is a significant marketplace endorsement for the Alice. We are thrilled to welcome MONTE as our latest customer, as they share our vision for a new era of sustainable, responsible aviation,” said Gregory Davis, President and CEO of Eviation. “The leasing community has an important role to play in reducing the aviation industry’s carbon emissions. With a network spreading from the Americas to Asia-Pacific and throughout Europe, I am excited for how MONTE can utilize the Alice to bring sustainable aviation to the world.”

When it enters service, Alice will have a max operating speed of 260 knots and be able to serve routes of up to 250 miles. The useful load of the passenger version is 2,500 pounds; the cargo version can carry 2,600 pounds.

The aircraft, which is manufactured in Arlington, just north of Seattle, is currently undergoing flight trials and is working with the FAA to set new certification standards for the battery technology used in Alice. The first deliveries are slated to begin in 2027.

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