Amazon logoPoliticans are always proclaiming how they are going to create jobs. Well the old saying, success breeds more success is clearly true in the example of one of Washington State’s business legends. Amazon, the world leader in e-commerce, is projecting to increase employment by a whopping 55% in the next year and a half across the U.S. Read more in The Seattle Times, Geekwire and Puget Sound Business Journal.

In 2011, Amazon had just over 50,000 employees and over the past 5 years employment has topped 306,000 workers. The projected increase by mid-2018 will be full-time positions including software developers, engineers, customer service reps and warehouse workers.

Washington State has been a leader in the digital, cloud computing and e-commerce. Business legends like Microsoft, Amazon, Cray, Zillow and Expedia are revolutionizing their industry sectors, creating jobs and setting the standard for other industry players to build on.

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