Moon-surface in spaceMoon Express, a Washington-based space exploration company, has gotten the okay to move forward in the Google Lunar XPrize competition. They are ready to launch a spacecraft that will hitch a ride on another commercial rocket and land their craft on the moon from a geosynchronous transfer orbit. The spacecraft is a robotic vehicle that can be a platform for many applications that will explore the moon surface for resources. The $30M Lunar X Prize competition is designed to engage entrepreneurs in the spirit of competition which can lead to breakthroughs never before imagined.  Read more in Geekwire.

Moon Express joins companies in Washington such as Blue Origin, Planetary Resources, Vulcan Aerospace, SpaceX and Aerojet Rocketdyne that have created a dynamic development hub for space exploration. The cross-pollination between our long history of pioneering aerospace design and manufacture, our leadership in cutting edge technology, plus a thriving spirit of entrepreneurialism has made Washington State a hotbed of space exploration. To learn more about space companies in Washington State contact