artificialintelligenceWill Alexa and Cordana become like a member of the family, anticipating our needs and responding to our emotions? Forward-thinking tech innovators in Washington State are developing and refining artificial intelligence and integrating it into a wide array of applications. Algorithms are already driving our interactions with many websites and software applications.

Washington tech companies and research institutions are working to overcome the hardware and software challenges of fully integrating artificial intelligence into our work and personal lives. They are also grappling with the social and ethical issues of algorithms that can replace workers and give our devices the ability to react to humans on a nearly human-like level.

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Washington State has been on the leading edge of technology innovation that is changing everything from e-commerce and cloud computing to virtual reality and artificial intelligence. With over 14,000 technology companies and nearly 200,000 people employed in technology-related jobs,  the technology eco-system in Washington State is broad and deep. If your company would benefit from being in the center of the technology future contact our tech business experts at