EngineeringResearch2A great idea is just an idea until you can successfully bring it to market. The University of Washington’s CoMotion Innovation program provides the resources and environment where cutting-edge ideas can develop into real-world, marketable solutions. The goal of CoMotion is to assist researchers, designers and entrepreneurs with targeted expertise in product development, fundraising strategies, providing a makerspace with tools and research resources; and making connections with industry leaders and investors.

A host of companies across industry sectors have spun off with CoMotion assistance. These innovators are finding solutions to create a healthier, more sustainable world.  CoMotion is in the top-tier for commercialization ranking third in the nation for launching start-ups. Read more in Geekwire.

Washington State has 2 top-tier research universities – the University of Washington and Washington State University. And, it is home to Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, one of 10 nationally funded labs in the country. The cross-pollination between science and engineering expertise, the highly skilled software development eco-system and venture capital community fuels a wide range of innovations that successfully reach the marketplace.

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