cyclops-white-frontThe development of next generation materials has focused on composites and Washington companies have been leading the way. Not only are carbon composites lightweight and strong enough for aircraft and able to withstand impact in cars but are being designed to hold up under the immense pressure of deep sea exploration. Washington-based OceanGate founders bring together their experience in aerospace and technology to the development of a new high-tech submarine with a carbon composite hull. The new submarine will be undergoing tests at the Port of Everett facility. Read more in the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Washington State’s culture of collaboration and the cross-pollination of our robust tech sector with cutting-edge new materials and engineering expertise is bringing to market a wide range of new ideas for a new future in manufacturing. The recently expanded SGL facility in Moses Lake, Washington produces one-fifth of the world’s carbon fiber. There are over 80 composites companies in the state, making everything from blades for wind turbines to aircraft and boats, and consumer products from prosthetics to sports gear and guitars.

In March the Washington State Department of Commerce team will be leading a delegation to the world’s premier composites trade show, JEC2015 Paris, to showcase Washington’s expertise in the use of composites.